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A white wall covered with ivy and flowering plants.

Utilizing Small Spaces Productively

One of the challenges of a rapidly increasing global population is that each person and family has less space for growing food. Traditionally, families had their own herb and vegetable garden, with many families owning a milk cow and planting fruit trees in their garden as well. Today, over half […]

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A grassy sustainable farming landscape at sunrise.

Design Principles for A Sustainable Farm

Sustainable farming isn’t a new idea. In fact, it’s what growers have been doing for thousands of years! What has changed is the amount that today’s farmers are required to produce and the techniques that they typically use to achieve this. Chemical fertilizers, strong pesticides, genetically-modified seeds, and heavy-duty machinery […]

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A grassy field with an insect hotel, scarecrow, and trellised vines.

What is Permaculture?

At its most basic, permaculture gardening is a sustainable approach to growing that looks to nature to provide the most appropriate solutions. By sustainable, we mean a system that can continue indefinitely. In the world of economics, a sustainable approach to spending doesn’t go beyond one’s means. In the same […]

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Fallen apples sitting on top of abundant organic matter.

Regenerative Farming Put into Practice

In our initial post about regenerative agriculture, we introduced the concept of restorative growing as an umbrella term for regenerative farming practices that rebuild the topsoil, restore diversity, improve the water cycle, and sequester carbon. In this post, we’ll show you how to put restorative agriculture into practice in your […]

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A ripe fig hanging from a fig tree.

6 Fun Facts About Growing And Harvesting

Did you know that California is America’s #1 food producer and the sole producer of 99% of America’s specialty crops like almonds and artichokes? Read on to discover six interesting facts about growing and harvesting fruit in America. 1. California Growers Are Continuing an 8000-Year-Old Tradition If you dedicate your […]

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Protective fruit wax

How Wax on Produce Prevents Food Waste

There’s no better way to make sure produce looks good and stays safe for consumption than by adding a layer of protective fruit wax to it before sending it to market. But what exactly is it, and what specifically makes putting wax on produce such a good idea for growers, […]

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