Our Team

Steve Moore – General Manager
Steve has grown the FGS Carton Plant into a world class operation. After 26 years working for Weyerhaeuser/International Paper, Steve has worked hard building a new team and implementing reliable processes that ensure FGS becomes the best in the industry.


Gregor Shanks – Sales Manager
After more than 25 years with Weyerhaeuser/International Paper, Gregor Shanks has helped build the FGS family. Gregor’s has been helping to grow the FGS business worldwide and has already helped expand FGS into Mexico.


John Canales – Operations Manager
John has been with FGS since 2007. He played a crucial role in the transformation of the carton plant by leading the integration of newly installed manufacturing software with the existing FGS enterprise system.


April Bassette – Sales
April has been in the corrugated carton industry for 19 years. She worked on the industrial side for 4 years but has spent the last 15 years focusing on Agriculture. She also worked with the integrated, working for West Rock (previously known as Smurfit Stone) and Georgia Pacific. April covers a large geographical area from the Central Valley (where most of her time is spent) and the Central Coast through the Imperial Valley. Her efforts and time are heavily spent on stone fruit growers. She works mostly with stone fruit, citrus and row crops with a little variety of other segments. April has a true love and passion for what she does and feels “truly blessed to be part of an incredible organization and have an incredible management team to support me.”



Brenda Manrique – Sales

Brenda has been in the corrugated carton industry for 14 years. She started with FGS back in 2014 as the customer service manager. She has played a crucial role in getting FGS updated on the new software system and the transition process from the legacy systems. Brenda joined the FGS Sales team back in 2016 as a technical sales rep.