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Because we're nimble, easy to work with, and quick to market. The level of efficiency we achieve with our state-of-the-art facility allows us to focus on what matters most - providing superior customer service.

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"FGS has solved our problems in many different areas. They keep in touch with us even though we are already their customer, and we always get answers right away. FGS answers promptly and lets us know they are working on it. That might be done by anyone on their team; plant manager, sales manager, customer service, and even their shipping department. They all team when it comes to helping us."

Rudy Sanchez - President, Alta Global

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Steve Moore



Steve has grown the FGS Carton Plant into a world class operation. After 26 years working for Weyerhaeuser/International Paper, Steve has worked hard building a new team and implementing reliable processes that ensure FGS becomes the best in the industry.

Steve Moore



After more than 25 years with Weyerhaeuser/International Paper, Gregor Shanks has helped build the FGS family. Gregor’s has been helping to grow the FGS business worldwide and has already helped expand FGS into Mexico.

Steve Moore



Brenda has been in the corrugated carton industry for 14 years. She started with FGS back in 2014 as the customer service manager. She has played a crucial role in getting FGS updated on the new software system and the transition process from the legacy systems. Brenda joined the FGS Sales team back in 2016 as a technical sales rep.

Steve Moore



April has been in the corrugated carton industry for 19 years. She worked on the industrial side for 4 years. She has spent the last 15 years in Agriculture. She worked for West Rock and Georgia Pacific. April covers Central Valley and the Central Coast through the Imperial Valley. April is “truly blessed to be part of an incredible organization and have an incredible management team to support me.”

Steve Moore



John has been with FGS since 2007. He played a crucial role in the transformation of the carton plant by leading the integration of newly installed manufacturing software with the existing FGS enterprise system.

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Our competitors can’t provide the level of endless combinations we can either. We offer 6 color printing, full die cut, and have a high-speed corrugator able to produce C, E, B, double wall CC, double wall CB, and double wall EB. We have flexible solutions that can meet your expectations no matter how complex they might be.


We completely rebuilt our carton plant from the ground up adding 4 brand new high-tech machines. Because of this, we now lead the industry in automation. Why should that matter to you? Simply put, automation helps us define what it means to be flexible, efficient, and gives us the ability to offer competitive box prices without sacrificing quality.

Mitsubishi Evol

Installation Date: November 2013

110 inches Wide
38 inch Cylinder
Flexo Folder Gluer
4 Color Printing
21,000 boxes/hour

Ward United

Installation Date: November 2015

110 inches Wide
50 inch Cylinder
Flexo Folder Gluer
4 Color Printing
13,500 boxes/hour


Installation Date: November 2015

125 inches Wide
66 inch Cylinder
Rotary Die Cutter
6 Color Printing
10,800 kicks/hour
High Graphics

BHS Corrugator

Installation Date: June 2015

110 inches wide
Flutes: B, C, BC, E, EB
Pre-print capabilities

We’re overachievers when it comes to quality standards, efficient manufacturing processes, and our customer service. We run the finest and most state-of-the-art, automated corrugated facility in America. We ensure manufacturing and delivery schedules are completely within our control and deliver top notch quality, customer service, and dependability. We convert well over one billion square feet of corrugated boxes, trays and retail displays each year across Southern California and we’ve now dramatically grown our business into Mexico. We specialize in heavy basis weight produce boxes, shipping boxes, and display boxes of any type for both agricultural and industrial uses. We produce lemon, tomato, orange, stone fruit, row crop boxes and more. We even have generic boxes without labels for purchase in-stock when you need them.


We source our paper from the industry’s leading suppliers. As paper is our primary supply for corrugated packaging, trays and retail displays, having legitimate, trustworthy, and sustainable paper suppliers is important to the quality and reliability of our products - and ultimately the happiness of our customers. We use about 37% recycled materials in our boxes. We participate in the SFI program and choose to source paper from SFI participant vendors. Recyclability and sustainability are very important to us on every level.


We offer onsite makeup machines and machine support to help take automation to the next level for you. So rather than buying a box that’s already made up and paying for shipping costs, we can set up a machine at your site to fold and glue boxes creating huge savings on truck load shipments.

Its our innovation that really separates us from the competition. We develop new packaging solutions every day. Our cutting-edge technology from industry leading equipment and technologies help allow us to think outside the box to meet your needs. We support our customers through automation — creating huge efficiencies and cost savings over time. Our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team adds an extra layer of value. Let our team creatively tailor solutions to all of your packaging problems.