With California Competes Tax Credit, Agricultural Supply Company adds Local Infrastructure and Jobs

VALENCIA, Calif., Feb. 3, 2015

Fruit Growers Supply Company (“FGS”) announced today that it was approved as a recipient of a “California Competes Tax Credit” in recognition of its investment in growing jobs and commerce within the state by building a sawmill in Yreka and expanding its corrugated box manufacturing plant in Ontario.

“FGS is proud to be reinvesting in its infrastructure, its employees and the communities that support its operations, and to have the state recognize this reinvestment through the granting of the tax credit,” commented Mark H. Lindgren, President and CEO of FGS.

The Ontario expansion will bring new technology and capabilities to FGS’s corrugated box manufacturing plant, and create additional capabilities to serve customers.

The sawmill will be the first mill built in the state in over 30 years. Situated 50 miles south of the California/Oregon border, the “small log”/”top wood” mill in Yreka will utilize the tops of trees that are often discarded during the standard logging process.

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