We Help You Grow to Market

We help agricultural businesses by offering everything under the sun required for growing, picking, packing and shipping produce. Whether you need growing supplies, harvesting tools, irrigation systems, fruit wax, corrugated packaging, shipping pallets, or timber - we've got you covered.

Here's How We Can Help You

We're  nimble, easier to work with, and quick to market. The level of efficiency we achieve with our state-of-the-art facility allows us to focus on what matters most - providing superior customer service.


We're  nimble, easier to work with, and quick to market. The level of efficiency we achieve with our state-of-the-art facility allows us to focus on what matters most - providing superior customer service.


Expert irrigation design, parts and installation for both small and large acreage commercial projects. We’re always ahead of the curve with new technologies and best practices that achieve the most efficient use of your water. 

Farm Supply Stores

Woodlake, Orange Cove, Porterville, Santa Paula, Riverside, Yuma

We carry all the hard-to-find agricultural and farming supplies you need every day like fertilizers, lawn and garden, pesticides, insecticides, apparel, and tools, safety equipment, janitorial supplies, irrigation supplies, power tools and more.


Sturdy, reliable pallets that help protect your products during transit whether you’re shipping domestically or out of the country. We build the absolute highest quality and most durable wooden shipping pallets made from the best available raw materials right here in the USA. 


We manufacture food-grade citrus wax and packinghouse application machinery. Let our experienced service technicians, innovative laboratory technicians, and expert research staff all work hard to provide the most efficient processes in the market place.

Timber Sales

We grow Conifer products like Douglas Fir, White Fir, Red Fir, Noble Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, Incense Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock. And offer hardwood products including Red Alder and Big Leaf Maple. We believe in sustainability.

About Us

Fruit Growers Supply Company is an agricultural services provider that was established in 1907 by the same growers that formed the Sunkist Marketing Cooperative. We were created in order to supply wood for Sunkist’s crates. We are the oldest non-profit supply cooperative in the nation. We have grown our vertically integrated business alongside the West Coast’s citrus production. We used to help Sunkist exclusively, but we’re now open to the public.

We were born out of adversity and have learned to adapt to our customers’ ever-changing environments. Throughout our long history when challenging demands have arisen in the agricultural industry, we have acted fast to solve them. Today, thanks to our vertically integrated services, we offer the kind of support you'd expect from a company that has thrived for over a century.

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27770 N. Entertainment Dr.
Valencia, CA 91355

(888) 997-4855


Carton Plant
225 S. Wineville Avenue
Ontario, CA 91761-7891
(909) 256-0118
Pallet Plant
8009 Doe Avenue

Visalia CA 93291
(559) 697-6487
Packing Services
674 E. Myer Ave.

Exeter, CA 93221
(559) 827-4529

Retail Stores & Irrigation Services

Porterville Store & Irrigation Services
934 W. Scranton Ave.
Porterville, CA93257

(559) 793-7149
Orange Cove Store & Irrigation Services
46031 Rd. 124
Orange Cove CA 93646

(559) 643-2594
Santa Paula Store & Irrigation Services
980 W. Telegraph Rd.
Santa Paula, CA 93060

(805) 918-4374

Woodlake Store & Irrigation Services
131 S. Blair Rd.
Woodlake, CA 93286

Riverside Store
3631 Center St.
Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 667-1096
Yuma Store
4136 E. 32nd St.
Yuma, AZ 85365
(928) 723-4135


Burney Forest
37073 A Highway 299 E.

Burney Ca 96013-9999
(530) 335-2882
Montesano Forest
728 E. Pioneer Avenue

Montesano WA 98563-4704
(360) 249-5770
Hilt Forest
1216 Fruit Growers Rd.
Hilt CA 96044-9710

(530) 475-3453


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