Santa Paula Monthly Discounts

Take advantage of these sales at our Santa Paula location.

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Row Crop Growers Season Special! 10% off your row crop growing product assortment needs, including cups, water coolers, gloves, picking sleeves, lettuce knives, and first aid kits. We now offer generic leafy green boxes (2 ½ dozen and 5 dozen box sizes). One time only introductory pricing of $1.25 for 2 ½ dozen box sizes, a savings of $0.20 per box! Introductory pricing of $2.09 for the 5 dozen box size, a savings of $0.30 per box! 15% off 2500 gl., 5000 gl. AgSpray Tanks and 110 gl. Sprayers. 25% off Rain Bird Climate Minder Soil Moisture Probe & Pressure Switch Kits (16 inch and 32 inch). 20% off All Netafim products including our selection of Supernet Sprinklers & Netafim Guardian Air Vents.