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What is the Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance Program?

A program that helps by preventing harmful buildup of minerals and or algae/bacteria at the emitters in your micro irrigation system.

What benefits does the Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance Program provide?

Some of the benefits include longer lifespan for your system, prevention of early replacement costs, and it helps make sure your system has an unrestricted water flow so that your crop yield is optimized.

What else is included in the program?

  • Free water analysis
  • Monitor treatment drum levels monthly
  • Visual inspection of filtration for leaks and broken or missing items, monthly
  • System pressures and flows if applicable, monthly
  • Check sand levels in media tanks post irrigation season, or upon request
  • Provide service report to include: metering pump calibration setting, drum size, system pressures, flows, meter readings, drum levels and dates serviced

What is the system monitoring frequency FGS provides? 

We will visit your site monthly during your irrigation season. We will continuously monitor, and report on your system to ensure it is running at optimum performance.

What other services are available through this program?

System Reconditioning

  • Performed on systems showing signs of plugging, or prior to starting the maintenance program on existing irrigation systems
  • Performed at the end of an irrigation season to clean out the system

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