We’ve been in the business of helping growers and packing houses for over 100 years. We provide all the products and services needed for your maximum efficiency and overall success. Let us help meet your needs with our integrated services.

Retail Stores

In order to grow, harvest, package and ship your produce, you need the right supplies. We carry all the hard-to-find packaging supplies, fertilizers, pesticides, fruit and vegetable boxes, janitorial and safety supplies, rugged work wear, lawn, garden and harvesting tools, irrigation supplies, outdoor power equipment and much more. Visit us today in Santa Paula, Porterville, Woodlake, Orange Cove, Riverside or Yuma.

Corrugated Boxes

Our cutting-edge, highly-automated Carton Plant in Ontario, California manufactures corrugated boxes, trays and displays. We understand your corrugated needs and can help better than anyone. We offer dependable lead times you can rely on and customer service you can trust. With our state-of-the-art equipment, quality processes, on-site lab, and full design support, we provide the highest quality corrugated packaging systems in the market place. Call us today at 909-256-0118.


Sturdy, reliable pallets that help protect your products during transit whether you’re shipping domestically or out of the country. We build the absolute highest quality and most durable wooden shipping pallets made from the best available raw materials right here in the United States. Call us today at 559-697-6487

Post Harvest Technologies

We research and develop cutting-edge food-grade wax for oranges and lemons. We also specialize in creating innovative packline machinery while servicing over 35 packing houses on the West Coast. Our best-in-class technicians, cutting-edge lab, and experienced research staff all work hard to provide the most efficient processes in the market place. We manufacture our wax locally and guarantee its freshness and consistency. We monitor every batch and provide full trace-ability. Call us today at 559-827-4529


Our irrigation services provide designs and installations for everything needed to irrigate both small acreage and large acreage commercial projects. We perform system design, labor, consulting, and carry irrigation supplies in our stores. We’re up to date on the latest technologies and best practices with a goal to achieve the most efficient use of your water no matter what you grow. When it’s time to create, maintain or repair irrigation systems, or obtain the right supplies, give us a call.


We sustainably manage over 325,000 acres of forestland throughout California, Washington and Oregon. Our forests growth volume exceeds what is cut each year. As such, approximately 10,000 acres per year are treated for either reforestation or to improve the growth of young forests. We grow Conifer products like Douglas Fir, White Fir, Red Fir, Noble Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, Incense Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Western Hemlock. And we grow hardwood products like Red Alder and Big Leaf Maple.

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