The need for production harvest supplies like gloves, bins and cutting tools is obvious to non-growers and professional growers alike. How else could you get the job done picking and storing fruits, vegetables or other agricultural and horticultural products? Hoes, shovels and rakes are also essential in the farming process. However, there are less obvious and very underrated grower supplies and tools that make the job for any grower easier and more convenient. Here are the most overlooked  – yet highly impactful – supplies and tools that you may not suspect could improve your business. 

Backpack sprayers

For some growers, this might not be an obvious one at all— especially for those who implement pesticides and herbicides. But organic or otherwise similar-labeled, sustainable growers should know that these backpack sprayers, even if originally manufactured for chemical use, can be the perfect way to easily transport and implement (or “fertigate”) liquid fertilizers or otherwise organic-friendly pesticides to crops as well. It makes this laborious aspect of production and crop care for organic growers just as easy and efficient as it is for non-organic growers, helping cut down on challenges, transportation needs and physical effort. 

Folding tooth saw

Saws of all kinds are useful on the job including reciprocating saws, chainsaws and hacksaws. But nothing is more useful than a small saw you can easily transport anywhere on your acreage. A tool on-the-ready when you or your employees are acres and acres— perhaps even miles— away from your operation’s toolshed. With a folding tooth saw, you can make spur-of-the-moment cuts or limb removal so you can keep the work flowing no matter where you are. It fits easily in a tool belt, toolbox or tool bag, and weighs next to nothing for easy transport.

Heavy-duty contractor bags

You wouldn’t think the details around the types of bags you use on the job would matter— but they do. Every grower and crew that has used heavy-duty contractor bags for a variety of operation tasks is likely to make sure there is an adequate – perhaps ample – supply for crews at all times. These hold up against all materials that need gathering, whether it’s mulch, refuse, soil, compost or even sharp building materials that need hauling away after a construction task. These contractor bags even hold up against sharp or protruding objects, and are designed to hold and carry a considerable amount of weight while remaining intact.

Fatigue-free hand snips

Snipping and cutting take up the bulk of harvesting and pruning work, especially with fruit and vegetable production. For the benefit of both labor efficiency and worker fatigue the right types of tool snips is essential— and none work quicker than small hand snips. The rub: hand snips can easily cause or exacerbate hand fatigue compared to the larger versions of these tools. Work efficiency and comfort will fall. Replacing your snips with fatigue-free hand snips, which include a spring mechanism or better ergonomic grip, can help solve this problem. Work longer and quicker without pain and tiredness!

Ratchet straps and tie-downs

Hauling supplies or product can be planned and anticipated ahead of time, bearing in mind that it’s never advantageous for time or efficiency to create more loads for transport than need be. This is why ratchet straps, or buckle tie-downs, can come in handy when trailer, tractor or truckloads can start to outsize their usual capacity— which can and will happen. Or in more common cases, when open transport of goods needs to be secured in order to minimize the number of trips it requires to bring in product or supplies. In these instances ratchets or buckles are gamechangers— which are easily storable and transportable in tool bags and toolboxes.

Shade hats

Workers are liable to be laboring fin the sun for long hours, and it can’t be underestimated how much shading and protection from UV rays makes a difference on productivity, fatigue and overall health and safety. Shade hats (whether caps, wide brims or straw hats) may not be impressive or complicated work tools like chainsaws or forklifts, yet the impact they have on workers when worn on the job is truly underrated. Shade hats protect health, worker energy and profits in the end, especially on high UV and hot days.

Utility or folding pocketknife or multi-tool

Avoiding a sizable toolbox, bag or tool belt could save both effort and space for workers on the job handling a wide variety of tasks— and only a high-quality utility knife, pocketknife or multi-tool could help solve this. You never know when you need a quick cut of a knife, hack of a small handheld saw or snip of a wire as there can be issues with equipment, fencing and more while on site. A small, portable, built-in screwdriver could save a workday, saving time searching for tools and saving the space a toolbox takes up. Instead, you have all the last-minute tools you could possible need – all in one place and in one handheld tool!

Wireless weather stations and thermometers 

Growers are constantly checking the weather to plan ahead, and a scheduled workday can change in an instant based on relative changes in the weather. Some growers also require an awareness of different temperatures in areas like walk-in coolers, greenhouses, incubation chambers and more. Wireless weather stations and thermometers are incredible at cutting down on the time and mental effort needed to keep track of all this vital data, both in real time and in hindsight. Many remote thermometers can also record the highest and lowest temperatures of a set area within a 24 hour period, letting growers know if conditions need adjusting.

We make it even more convenient for growers and their employees by having all these underrated production and harvest supplies available in one place. 

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