Our goal is to provide high-quality, fully traceable fruit coatings for citrus, stone fruit and melons as well as provide effective packinghouse machinery in order to protect your products while also reducing yourcitrus wax and stone fruit oils costs.


We produce the highest quality and most effective non-morpholine, carnauba based coatings in the industry. We’re proud of the work we’ve done to have established the best postharvest practices in compliance with US Food Safety Regulations. We work with local, state, federal authorities, and pesticide manufacturers to assure all postharvest treatments are in compliance at all levels: Purchasing, transportation, storage, application and disposal. And we will work with you on establishing the best postharvest practices to assure compliance with US Food Safety Regulations.


Maintenance & Repairs

  • Brush bed maintenance, repairs and overhauls
  • Pressure washer installation (M & R)
  • Pressure washer system diagnosis (M & R)
  • Multi-use spraying unit diagnosis (M & R)
  • Wax and chemical application diagnosis, M & R

Full-Service Support

  • Design and installation of application equipment
  • Addressing application issues
  • Compliance with export programs
  • Mixing and application of wax and chemicals
  • Monitoring, recording chemical application 2x a day
  • Food safety compliance support
  • Decay control support
  • MRL’s postharvest testing support
  • Addressing Technical issues


Our food-grade wax is manufactured locally, which guarantees freshness and consistency. We monitor multiple quality attributes on each batch, ensuring the highest quality standards in the marketplace. Our manufacturing and delivery processes provide complete traceability and total accountability.

We’re always growing, and we’ll always be able to find a place for your project when it comes to giving you quality fruit wax and other materials. We currently service over 38 packing houses in California. In total, we process more than 34 million shipped cartons a year.


We understand that as a fruit packaging house, it's not only important you exceed food safety standards, but also that your natural fruit wax protects, preserves and makes your fruit beautiful. We also understand that long term contracts are a pain, which is why we don't lock you into them. We develop innovative technology that helps with pest control and sanitization, making your packing house more efficient than ever. Let Fruit Growers Supply’s Postharvest Technologies department provide you with the highest quality fruit wax, and the most innovative machinery in the industry.


We were created for growers, by growers in 1907. Today, our experienced and capable team, industry-leading wax, and cutting-edge machine capabilities help make us innovators in agriculture. We understand that as a packing house, it's not only important you exceed food safety standards, but also that your fruit wax protects, preserves, and makes your fruit look its best. With our ample experience on citrus postharvest, let us help you determine the most appropriate equipment and sequence of postharvest treatments for lemons, oranges, and limes.

Our Address

674 E. Myer Ave.
Exeter CA 93221
(559) 592-6550