Grow to Market

We were created by Sunkist Growers in 1907, and for over 100 years we’ve been crafting solutions to agricultural problems. Whether you grow, harvest, package, or ship citrus, nuts, avocados, stone fruit, grapes or row crops, we’ve got you covered. Our prices are competitive, our quality is superb, and our support is second to none. Let us reduce the amount of time, stress, and cost you incur every day by consolidating all of your needs into one proven company.

We’ve spent over a century understanding and solving the needs of growers and packing houses in the agricultural industry. Our cutting-edge, highly-automated Carton Plant manufactures corrugated boxes, trays and displays. We build high-quality durable wooden shipping pallets at our Pallet Plant. Our Packing Services department researches and develops cutting-edge food-grade wax and designs custom packline machines for packing houses. Our irrigation specialists design and install commercial irrigation jobs regardless of acreage size. We carry hard-to-find agricultural supplies and equipment in our 6 retail stores. And we manage our 250,000 acres of forestland responsibly and sustainably.

Fruit Growers Supply Company helps you grow to market.