Fruit Growers Supply was established in 1907 by the same group of growers who formed the Sunkist marketing cooperative in order to supply wood for their crates. Now, in addition to supplying Sunkist’s needs, we are open to the public delivering our integrated services to all growers and packers.

We operate one of the largest pallet plants on the west coast where we create high quality, cost effective, made-to-order pallets. We manufacture corrugated cardboard cartons at one of the most automated and efficient corrugated cardboard plants in America. Our Packing Services process millions of cartons of fruit each year by creating fruit coatings and application services that help protect fruit quality while reducing decay. We perform large-scale irrigation projects and carry parts and materials. We stock a wide array of everyday supplies in our six supply stores. Finally, we operate a sawmill that supplies our pallet plant with lumber from our own 325,000 acre sustainable forests.

No matter what you grow, pack or ship, we cover all of your needs while delivering you low prices, great service, and top-notch support. Doing all of your business under one roof just makes sense.

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