FGS was established in 1907 by the same growers who formed the Sunkist marketing cooperative to supply wood for their crates. Now, in addition to supplying Sunkist’s needs, we are open to the public delivering our vertically integrated services to all growers. We manufacture shipping pallets, and corrugated cardboard cartons, create coatings and provide equipment designs, offer irrigation services along with parts and materials, carry a wide array of agricultural supplies in our walk-in stores, and operate a sawmill that produces the lumber used in making our pallets from the timber harvested from our own sustainably managed forests. Whether you grow avocados, grapes, row crops, stone fruits, nuts, or citrus, we can service all of your agricultural needs; passing our low prices onto you while helping increase your efficiency.

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One of the most efficient plants in the world

A plant expansion of this size and scope was no small undertaking. So why install the EVOL nearly a year before the expansion began? “The decision to obtain the EVOL prior to the full-blown expansion was more for the immediate positive impact — speed and setups — it would have on our business than anything else,” … Continue reading One of the most efficient plants in the world

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