Grow to market.

No matter what it is you need to grow, harvest, package, or ship your products we’ve got it. Our prices are competitive, our turnaround times are fast and our support is second to none. We’ve been serving agriculture since 1907, and for over 100 years we’ve been crafting solutions to your problems. Let us reduce the amount of time, stress, and cost you incur every day by consolidating all of your needs into one proven company.

We manufacture corrugated cardboard cartons, trays and wooden shipping pallets, create fruit coatings and machine fabrications, design irrigation projects and carry agricultural supplies and equipment.

Fruit Growers Supply Company helps you grow to market.

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The FGS Carton Plant Tour

Our Carton Plant in Ontario, California was originally built 38 years ago and focused on making boxes for Sunkist. Today we meet the box needs for Sunkist and many other big players in the open market with one of the most high-tech, automated, and efficient corrugated cardboard carton plants in America. Our team works tirelessly to … Continue reading The FGS Carton Plant Tour

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