Fruit Growers Supply Company was formed in 1907 by the same group of growers that formed the Sunkist marketing cooperative in order to purchase wood material for their crates. Now over 110 years later, in addition to supporting Sunkist, and now we offer all of our fully integrated services to the public!

We offer fully integrated services so that you can do all of your business under one roof. We make doing your job faster and hassle-free. We manufacture shipping pallets, create corrugated cardboard containers, operate a sawmill, maintain over 320,000+ acres of sustainably harvested forest land, offer irrigation systems, supplies and parts, provide packing services and have retail stores conveniently located near you.


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The Mitsubishi EVOL helps make FGS one of the most efficient plants in the world

A plant expansion of this size and scope was no small undertaking. So why install the EVOL nearly a year before the expansion began? “The decision to obtain the EVOL prior to the full-blown expansion was more for the immediate positive impact — speed and setups — it would have on our business than anything else,” … Continue reading The Mitsubishi EVOL helps make FGS one of the most efficient plants in the world

When a box is not just a box

The carton manufacturing plant in Ontario is perhaps the crown jewel in the Fruit Growers system. “State-of-the-art” is an over-worked adjective in the agriculture industry, but when it comes to the Ontario container plant, it is dead-on accurate. It is simply the best, most efficient plant of its kind, although we continue to tweak it … Continue reading When a box is not just a box

Environmental considerations

Environmental considerations constantly changing environmental regulation is something all farmers have to contend with. “But everything you experience in production agriculture, you see it first and you see it in spades in timber,” says Mark Lindgren, CEO of Fruit Growers. “Our forests still represent the American frontier, and people are very protective of the forests … Continue reading Environmental considerations

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