Fruit Growers Supply Company was formed in 1907 by the same group of growers that formed the Sunkist marketing cooperative in order to purchase wood material for their crates. Now over 110 years later, in addition to supporting Sunkist, we proudly deliver all of our fully integrated services to the public as well.

We manufacture pallets, skids, boxes, corrugated cardboard containers, operate a sawmill and over 320,000 acres of sustainably harvested forest land. We offer packing services that provide fruit coatings, wax application equipment, and more. We also maintain six retail stores conveniently located so you can walk in and grab (or special order) exactly what you need. We also deliver the most sophisticated custom tailored irrigation systems, supplies and parts around.

Our 110 years of experience serving the agricultural industry combined with our vertically integrated services means we can fulfill all of your needs while delivering competitive prices on everything you require.

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The Mitsubishi EVOL helps make FGS one of the most efficient plants in the world

“We have had open market business that needed to be farmed out but we now have the ability of running rotary business in-house. When you’re talking about citrus and produce markets, you must have the ability to run the rotary business and we certainly do.” A plant expansion of this size and scope was no … Continue reading The Mitsubishi EVOL helps make FGS one of the most efficient plants in the world

Environmental considerations

Environmental considerations constantly changing environmental regulation is something all farmers have to contend with. “But everything you experience in production agriculture, you see it first and you see it in spades in timber,” says Mark Lindgren, CEO of Fruit Growers. “Our forests still represent the American frontier, and people are very protective of the forests … Continue reading Environmental considerations

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