Since 1907, Fruit Growers Supply has been building a reputation up and down the West Coast for its agricultural products and services. Today, that extends to our state-of-the-art irrigation system design services, which combine over a century of agricultural expertise and industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and installation best practices.

We understand that your livelihood depends on the quality, quantity, and condition of your crops come harvest time. That’s why we’ve built a team of irrigation engineers, seasoned agricultural professionals, and efficiency experts to help you make the most of your resources, from water and energy to labor and land. We can customize a commercial irrigation system to meet your needs, source the highest quality parts, and provide professional on-site installation. We’ll even continue to maintain and repair your system season after season.

Full-Service Irrigation Services

Our professional and experienced irrigation staff will work with you to develop the smartest and most efficient type of irrigation system for your farm.

Our irrigation system design solutions include:

  • Pump stations
  • Drip systems
  • Filtration
  • Linear and center pivot
  • Solid-set sprinklers
  • ...and more

Our Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance Program

As part of our irrigation system design services, we offer a Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance Program to help you prevent costly repairs by maintaining a healthy irrigation system. This program ensures unrestricted water flow to your crops, leading to maximum crop yield for you.

The Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance Program prevents the buildup of minerals and algal/bacterial organisms at the emitters in micro irrigation systems. This promotes longer system life and reduces premature replacement costs in your farm irrigation systems.

Our Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance Program services include:

  • Free water analysis
  • Monitor treatment drum levels, monthly
  • Visual inspection of filtration for leaks and broken or missing items, monthly
  • System pressures and flows if applicable, monthly
  • Check sand levels in media tanks post irrigation season, or upon request
  • Provide service report to include: metering pump calibration setting, drum size, system pressures, flows, meter readings, drum levels, and dates serviced

System Reconditioning is an additional service available through the Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance Program.

  • Performed on systems showing signs of plugging, or prior to starting the maintenance program on existing irrigation systems
  • Performed at the end of an irrigation season to clean out the system

FGS will visit your site a minimum of once per month during the irrigation season. We will routinely monitor and report on your irrigation system design to ensure optimum performance.

Hard-to-Find Irrigation Supplies

Our retail stores feature the hard-to-find commercial irrigation parts you need to build, expand, and maintain your system. Conveniently located throughout California and Arizona, our walk-in stores carry sprinklers, drip tubing, pipes, soil moisture monitors, emitters, flow meters, filters, emission devices, fittings, water tanks, drip irrigation, pumps, and more –– all at competitive prices.

We also carry all of your favorite brands, including Amiad, Bowsmith, Bermad, Spears, Roberts, Cresline, Toro, JM-Eagle, Eurodrip, ADS, Netafim, Yardney, Lakos, Everfilt, and Fresno Valve and Castings.

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If you’re ready to upgrade your operations with the commercial irrigation system design you’ve always dreamed of, let the experts at FGS design, install, and maintain your farm irrigation systems. Here at Fruit Growers Supply, we’re competitively priced and offer the flexible solutions you need to make your project a reality!

Contact us for a quote or drop by one of our full-service stores in Orange Cove, Woodlake, Porterville, Riverside, or Santa Paula to schedule your free consultation today.

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