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Sustainability is central to what we do at Fruit Growers Supply. For more than 100 years serving California growers, we’ve come to recognize — and adapt to — the diversity of sustainable agriculture practices that can take agriculture into the future. In an industry that is constantly changing, consider the following ways that we are helping growers adapt their practices for a resilient future in the face of climate change.

Conserve Water

Water in California is becoming ever scarcer as groundwater reserves run low and drought threatens the rainwater supply. Fruit Growers Supply helps growers adopt more sustainable agriculture practices with solar-powered drip irrigation systems that use a minimum of water. We also provide information on our blog about drought-tolerant crops you can grow to further reduce your use of water.

Integrated Pest Management

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While effective, many of the agricultural chemicals that are used routinely in California also pollute the soil, air, and water and threaten pollinator populations. To help growers adopt more sustainable agriculture practices, we provide detailed information about bee-friendly approaches to pest management and sell a wide range of organic-approved products at our retail stores.

Reduce Food Waste

A United Nations report reveals that around one-third of all food grown goes to waste while growing resources (fertile soil and clean water) are becoming scarcer. Two ways that we help growers to reduce waste and get their products safely to market is with our custom-designed corrugated produce boxes and food-grade postharvest fruit wax.


Our corrugated boxes help to take your efforts in sustainable agriculture practices further in several ways:

  • The boxes are made with 37% recycled materials.
  • All new materials come from Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) participant vendors.
  • We make batches of corrugated boxes to order (no waste).
  • The cartons are 100% recyclable.
  • The design of each box protects produce from bruises and bumps.
  • We can set up the folding and gluing machinery at your packinghouse to reduce shipping costs and save you time.

Postharvest Fruit Wax

Tree fruits like citrus and stone fruits are susceptible to spoilage from pests and disease after harvest. Applying a natural postharvest fruit wax made from ingredients such as carnauba protects the fruit from disease in transit and makes the fruit more appealing to consumers. Both of these factors work together to ensure successful sales and reduce food waste.

Sustainable Pallets

For transporting your fruit, nuts, and vegetables to market, our top-quality timber pallets provide dependable and safe physical support along with an assurance of responsible sourcing. To make our brand-new pallets, we source our softwood and hardwood from sustainable suppliers and heat-treat and construct the pallets locally in California. To prevent waste, we offer a buy-back program where we collect your used pallets for reuse.

Sustainable Timberlands

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Ultimately, we show our all-inclusive commitment to sustainable agriculture practices with the management, harvesting, and reforestation of our timberlands. Since 1907, we’ve managed our forests for the sustainable production of wood products. Today, we follow the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) 2015-2019 Standard to ensure abundant and healthy forests for future generations. Some of the standards we practice in order to conserve the timberlands’ soil, air, water, wildlife, and aesthetic qualities include:

  • Harvesting timber over the long term, and at sustainable rates.
  • Promptly reforesting after harvesting our sustainable lumber — usually immediately, but always within 2 years of harvest.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art silvicultural and best management practices to ensure the maximum sustained production of our forest resource, while simultaneously protecting the environment.
  • Protecting soil productivity and stability using equipment and sustainable agriculture practices that minimize disturbance and erosion.
  • Preserving our forest lands’ unique biological, geological, and historical qualities and sites.
  • Working to protect water quality through erosion prevention and riparian protection zones.
  • Delivering a diversity of habitats for wildlife, and contributing to the conservation of biological diversity across the landscapes where we have ownership.
  • Maintaining healthy forests and minimizing losses caused by fire, insects, and disease.
  • Protecting threatened and endangered species and working with government agencies to aid in their conservation.
  • Strongly considering aesthetic values in our management and harvest activities and adopting sustainable agriculture practices accordingly.

Join Our Mission for Sustainability

Fruit Growers Supply leads the agriculture supplier industry in creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. If you’re interested in learning more about our commitment to sustainable agriculture practices, sustainable lumber, or our timberlands, reach out to our team today.

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