We Give Back: How Fruit Growers Supply Co. Helps the Farming Community

Vineyard at sunset

Fruit Growers Supply is a company run by growers for growers, and that means it’s very important to us that we give back as much as we can to the community. Without growers, we wouldn’t exist in the first place. Here are just a few ways we try to be as good to the farming community as they’ve been to us.


The American Legion

Fruit Growers Supply is proud to be partners with The American Legion, a venerable organization that’s been helping out military families and veterans with food, shelter, and clothing when hard times fall for over 100 years. We also sponsor the Legion’s “Annual Food Basket Holiday Drive” in Kern Country, a yearly event that’s been passing out food baskets to families in need for almost as long as the organization itself has been around. We’re proud to show that there’s no limit to the things the military community and the farming community can achieve when we work together.


Giving Back to the Youth

A huge part of our California Outreach program involves making sure kids have the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. Once a year we sponsor the Jurupa Valley High School FFA fundraising program, which trains students in valuable areas like animal raising and sustainable farming, and provides real-world opportunities for them in which to succeed. We’re also helping Santa Paula High School with a beach cleaning effort that should be springing into action spring of 2020. It’s always vital that the farming community teaches the bright young lights that will succeed us how to tend the earth for years to come.

Fingers holding potted seedlings


The Tulare County Farm Bureau

We’re proud to be Heritage members of the Tulare County Farm Bureau, the highest level of patronage an organization can achieve with this vital institution. The Farm Bureau is an irreplaceable advocate for the farming community that helps farmers all over the country unite as one voice for their common interests. No farmer can do it all by themselves, and that’s why along with offering all the tools and resources agriculturists need to succeed, we like to join forces as frequently as possible with organizations that have exactly the same goals.

Reach Out to Us

Are you a farmer or agricultural organization that’s interested in helping us with our California Outreach efforts? We’re only an email away. We’re interested in helping all parts of the farming community achieve their goals, and giving them the tools to help empower the communities they serve as well. See why we’ve been a vital part of California’s produce community since the early 20th century and discover a trusted new friend in Fruit Growers Supply Company.