Fruit Growers Supply Company is an agricultural partner that was established in 1907 by the same growers that formed the Sunkist Marketing Cooperative. We are the oldest non-profit supply cooperative in the nation, and we have grown at record pace with the West Coast’s citrus production. Although we were created originally to help serve the needs of Sunkist, our vast experience and increased capabilities have allowed us to expand our services to the public. And we aren't just the citrus anymore either; we've also achieved a high level of customer satisfaction with growers and packers in stone fruit, avocados, nuts, grapes and row crops.

The Southern California Fruit Exchange

Before 1907, members of the Southern California Fruit Exchange (now Sunkist Growers) needed a steady supply of reasonably priced box shook for their wooden shipping crates. Unfortunately, most of the box shook manufacturers were operating at unreasonably high prices and had low supply. By joining forces in 1907, the Sunkist citrus growers created Fruit Growers Supply Company to buy and manage timberlands and mills, and to act as a purchasing agent for all of their supplies.

When a cartel controlled the sale of a chemicals that were critical to citrus growth, we brought back an alternative from Africa, forcing the cartel into a more reasonably competitive position. When the industry needed instant access to supplies, we established six storefronts throughout California and Arizona. When growers needed the most sophisticated, highest quality cartons ever created, we answered the call by designing one of America’s most highly-automated and efficient integrated carton supply systems.

Today, thanks to our vertically integrated services, we offer the kind of products and services you expect from a company that has thrived for over a century.