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Working in agriculture, you know that you need tools that are strong enough to handle your daily routine and versatile enough to never fall behind when something unexpected comes your way. We understand that at Fruit Growers Supply and that’s why we carry a diverse stock of products at a value you’re sure to take comfort in. Visit our Woodlake, CA. location today and see exactly what puts us a cut above the rest.

No matter where you are on the supply chain—if you’re a picker in the fields or a packer working in postharvest—Fruit Growers Supply can meet your everyday needs!

Some days you’ll need to be tending your land with precision and care; on other days you might need a healthy dose of high powered weed killer to make sure all that care doesn’t go to waste. Fruit Growers Supply Co. is run by friendly staff with a wide range of expertise, and we’re dedicated to making sure you always get exactly what you need when you step through our doors. Our Woodlake, CA. store carries this tradition of ours in fine form, and we’d love to show you how firsthand.

Give us a call at 559.697.6523 and let us know how we can help. We serve growers and agriculturists all over the Sunshine State, and the City of Woodlake, CA. is only one of the many locations we have scattered all around. Take a look at our store directory and find out which one of our locations can best serve your needs.

When you’re tired of getting second-rate materials at top-rung prices, get in touch with Fruit Growers Supply and see for yourself why we’ve been leading the pack since 1907.