Sustainable Forestry: The Perfect Blend of Responsibility and Growth

By Fruit Growers Supply News / June 24, 2019 / 0 Comments
Mature Forest View Aerial Showing Evergreen Trees

Forests play a critical role in the global environment, population and economy. They are some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. They are valuable to local communities in that they provide food, shelter and work to them. The forest sector contributes to a geographical region’s economic well-being. Healthy […]

What Growers Need to Build a Successful Irrigation System

By Fruit Growers Supply News / June 20, 2019 / 1 Comment
Fan With Other Fans in the Background and Trees Underneath

Irrigation systems play an important role in commercial farming for helping crops and plants grow, especially if your farm is in an area that gets little rain, such as California. Effective irrigation technology has helped farmers in California produce an abundance of produce even during droughts. California farmers produced more […]

Why Water Filtration Is Important for Farmers

By Fruit Growers Supply News / May 20, 2019 / 2 Comments
Pump Surrounded by Water On All Sides

When most people think of the importance of water filtration, they tend to imagine systems designed to purify drinking water. Farmers, however, think about how water filtration will affect their crops. The more control farmers have over their inputs, the more control they have over the crops they produce. Water […]

How Corrugated is Made: The Corrugated Paper Manufacturing Process

By Fruit Growers Supply News / May 20, 2019 / 1 Comment

For more than 100 years, corrugated boxes have reigned as the go-to method of packaging for product transportation. In today’s market, corrugated materials are used to display, promote, and package just about every product on earth. Whether it’s food, toys, office supplies, computers, clothes, furniture, or electronics, everything we buy […]

How Does Produce Get to the Grocery Store?

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Ever wondered how grocery store produce gets from the farm to the grocery store? Shipping fresh produce is a lot more complicated than you think, and it involves several supply chains and lots of different equipment, including corrugated boxes and pallets. Here’s everything you need to know about how fruits […]

The Benefits of Pesticide Use in Agriculture

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The point of pesticides is to protect plants from pests, weeds and diseases that have the power to destroy entire crops. Currently, up to 40% of the world’s potential crops are destroyed every year due to these threats. Without the use of pesticides, this percentage could quickly double. For this […]

Tackling Irrigation Challenges for California Growers

By Fruit Growers Supply News / April 26, 2019 / 0 Comments

As a California grower, you know better than anyone how challenging and taxing your occupation can be — especially when faced with so many unique issues and regulations. Whether you’re aiming to best address challenging restrictions or combat issues surrounding drought using water conservation systems, it’s imperative that you take […]

The American Heart Association Recommends Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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According to the American Heart Association, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is part of a healthy diet that can help to keep heart disease at bay. It is so beneficial that they have actually deemed the month of June to be National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. The AHA has […]

How to Create Your Own Pallet Garden

By Fruit Growers Supply News / April 17, 2019 / 1 Comment

What can you grow in a pallet garden? From fruits and veggies to flowers and herbs, the best plants for pallet garden growing are only limited to your imagination! In urban spaces like New York City and Boston, space is at a premium, and more people than ever are choosing […]

Choosing the Safest Pallets for Your Products

By Fruit Growers Supply News / April 15, 2019 / 2 Comments

Pallets are usually taken for granted, used and cast aside. However, these silent workhorses are indispensable in moving goods. They are an easy and efficient method to ship commercial goods across the globe. It’s not surprising that the global pallet market was at a volume of 6.8 billion units in […]