The FGS Carton Plant Tour

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Our Carton Plant in Ontario, California was originally built 38 years ago and focused on making boxes for Sunkist. Today we meet the box needs for Sunkist and many other big players in the open market with one of the most high-tech, automated, and efficient corrugated cardboard carton plants in America. […]

Understanding Evapotranspiration: Key to Smart Irrigation

By Fruit Growers Supply News / July 5, 2017 / 1 Comment

As a grower, you’ve got a lot on your mind. You rely on your equipment to produce the best crops available in the marketplace. You depend on your staff at harvest time, knowing that they have been well trained and can get the job done on schedule and ahead of […]

Integrated Solutions

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We are the only ones in California that can cover all of your needs from growing and harvesting to packing and shipping. This is just one of the ways we can bring your costs down while bringing your efficiency up.

FGS Investment: EVOL- State of The Art Corrugated Box Making Machine

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A plant expansion of this size and scope was no small undertaking. So why install the EVOL nearly a year before the expansion began? “The decision to obtain the EVOL prior to the full-blown expansion was more for the immediate positive impact — speed and setups — it would have on […]

Corrugated Box Manufacturing Plant: Engineered for Shipping & Storage

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The carton manufacturing plant in Ontario is perhaps the crown jewel in the Fruit Growers system. “State-of-the-art” is an over-worked adjective in the agriculture industry, but when it comes to the Ontario container plant, it is dead-on accurate. It is simply the best, most efficient plant of its kind, although […]

Environmental considerations

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Environmental considerations constantly changing environmental regulation is something all farmers have to contend with. “But everything you experience in production agriculture, you see it first and you see it in spades in timber,” says Mark Lindgren, CEO of Fruit Growers. “Our forests still represent the American frontier, and people are […]

Sunkist and The Wooden Box

By Fruit Growers Supply News / May 4, 2017 / 1 Comment

Through the first half of the 20th century the piece of furniture found most often in a newlywed’s home or a college student’s dorm wasn’t really a piece of furniture. It was a wooden box. Turned on its side it held books, knickknacks, canned goods and spices. Covered with cloth […]

Shaping timber and citrus industries

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Southern California based Fruit Growers Supply Company plays a key role in shaping two industries, as the farmers’ cooperative got into the lumber business in the early 1900s to produce cheaper shipping boxes for its citrus-grower members. The 110 year-old company whose corporate office is based in Valencia, Calif., plays a key […]

Citrus Fruit & Forests – the Story of California’s Fruit Growers Supply Company

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The Fruit Growers Supply Company traces its origin to the late 1700s when Spain’s Franciscan fathers began establishing missions in California. In 1804, the fathers at Mission San Gabriel, near present-day Pasadena, planted a small grove of orange trees. In 1831, fur trapper William Wolfskill came to California from Taos, […]

Ontario Fruit Growers Supply Co. breaks ground for expanded site

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Mark Lindgren, president of Fruit Growers Supply Co., speaks to staff about the expansion of the Ontario location. Photo by Grace Wong Despite the chilly wind that threatened to blow over some trees, members of Fruit Growers Supply Co., sat outside and talked excitedly about the expansion of the building […]