No matter what you grow or how good you are at your work, your harvest isn't going to get very far if it doesn't have the right kind of soil to grow in. Fertilizer is the secret ingredient to great yields all over the world, and no farmer can afford to go with inferior products. 

We make sure that we source only the best crop fertilizers to make sure our customers grow only the best crops. At Fruit Growers Supply Company, we put you and your harvest's needs first and foremost.

Variety and Quality

All kinds of farmers shop at our store, and that's why we guarantee that all kinds of tools and materials are available to them. Whether you need a hefty package of all purpose fertilizer or tools to make sure your newly-fertilized earth gets the best possible crop yield, we have them in spades (literally) at Fruit Growers Supply. Buying from our inventory means buying the best—and best value—crop fertilizer on the market. 

A Name You Can Rely On

Fruit Growers Supply Company has been helping agriculturalists of all stripes make their harvests as bountiful as can be for generations. We'd be honored to add you to the leagues of satisfied customers who have utilized our tools and expertise. We carry only the best industrial fertilizer spreaders and more, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best products at the fairest price.


Contact us today or drop by one of our full-service retail locations and let us know what we can do for you once you join the Fruit Growers Supply family.