If you’re a California grower, there’s one place you can trust to meet your every challenge, no matter how niche. At Fruit Growers Supply Company, we pride ourselves on meeting the individual needs of everyone that comes through our doors, and working with them on a solution to their irrigation issues from scratch. “We design systems and put our plans together to help the grower get water efficiently to his crops,” says irrigation designer Paul McMurrey.

We carry a vast array of not only irrigation supplies, but hardware and supplemental tools to boot. As Sam Baldivia, head of irrigation sales, describes it, “We carry a wide spectrum of irrigation supplies; we also carry a wide spectrum of hardware supplies and grower’s supplies.” We’ll even work with you on scheduling your irrigation patterns so that your land receives the level of hydration that’s right for what you’re growing.

Everyone’s land is different, which is why our tools and expertise are customized to the specifics of your fields and crops, from the density of your soil to the elevation that your land sits upon. We’re paving the way with drip variation micro-sprinklers, a system that provides uniform hydration to your lands while requiring little upkeep and refraining from causing inconvenient clogs or drainages. “We will treat the water in our junior system so it doesn’t plug your micro-irrigation,” assures an FGS manager.

At Fruit Growers Supply, we pride ourselves on giving you the best service on irrigation systems from the ground up. Check out our irrigation services in Woodlake, Orange Cove, Porterville and Santa Paula.