We might have "fruit growers" right there in the name, but our company has been serving agricultural workers of all types for generations. If you've gone to some of our competitors and found their tools lacking in quality or overpriced, Fruit Growers Supply would be excited to show you what's made us one of the most venerable lawn and garden stores around.

Versatile Tools and Cost-Effective Prices

We put the needs of the farmers who work with us first, and that means making sure they've got everything they need to make their crops as fresh and plentiful as can be. Whether you're getting the best deal around on a pint of Monterey Lawn and Garden Weed Stopper or any of the other dozens of items we have, we're proud to be able to call ourselves one of the most expansive and customer friendly lawn and garden stores open today.

Let Fruit Growers Supply Company Work For You

No matter if you're looking for the best agricultural supplies on the market or the expertise of growers who know their product from the ground up, Fruit Growers Supply Company can help. 

You won't find any other lawn and garden stores with our dedication to quality, fair prices, or customer service, so join the Fruit Growers Supply family today and see what you've been missing. Contact us or drop by one of our full-service stores in Orange Cove, Woodlake, Riverside, Porterville or Santa Paula.