Packing Services


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FGS was created for growers, by growers and has been providing for Sunkist for over one century. We have an outstanding reputation in the industry and currently serve 38 packing houses and process more than 34 million shipped cartons each year.

Our talented service technicians, manufacturing personnel, laboratories, and research staff work to provide low-cost, innovative processes helping our customers exceed food safety standards while making them more efficient. Our wax is manufactured locally, which guarantees freshness and consistency. We monitor multiple quality attributes on each batch ensuring the highest quality wax the market provides. Our manufacturing and delivery processes provide full trace-ability. Let FGS help you grow to market.

Packing Services Machines we Offer:

Multi-use Fogging Unit
Purpose: Room sanitation, insect control and climate control.
Options: Up to 4 fans, generator option.

“Precision Pulse” Wax Application System
Purpose: Efficiently apply fruit/vegetable coatings to multiple commodities.
Options: Dual panel or single panel systems.

“Quiet Drive” Brush Bed Systems
Purpose: Conveying commodities across brushes in either wax or washing applications
Benefits: variable speed, increased on-stream time, reduced maintenance cost and noise reduction.
Options: Can be made to any length or width.

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