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Our goal is to provide the highest quality wax and the most effective machinery in order to protect your product while also reducing your wax costs.

Our post-harvest technologies department has the experience to help you exceed food safety standards and protect and preserve your oranges and lemons. We were created for growers, by growers back in 1907, and as such we know agriculture better than our competitors. Let our experienced and capable team, industry-leading orange and lemon wax, and cutting-edge machinery designs make your packinghouse more efficient.


We design, maintain and repair packing house machines. Our proprietary machines are designed for maximum efficiency.

Precision Pulse Wax Application System

Efficiently apply fruit/vegetable coatings to multiple commodities

• Provides uniform wax applications
• MRLs
• Cleaning
• Environmentally friendly
• Self-maintained
• Remotely controlled capabilities
• Can be made to any length or width

Quiet Drive Brush Bed Systems

Conveying commodities across brushes in either wax or washing applications

• Offers variable speeds
• Increased on-stream time
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Noise reductions
• Can be made to fit any length or width
• Can be made to any length or width

Multi-Use Spraying Unit

• Room sanitation
• Insect control
• Climate control
• Allows up to 4 fans with the option of a generator


Our food-grade wax is manufactured locally, which guarantees freshness and consistency. We monitor multiple quality attributes on each batch ensuring the highest quality standards in the market place. Our manufacturing and delivery processes provide complete trace-ability.

We’re always growing! We currently service over 38 packing houses in California. In total we process more than 34-million shipped cartons a year.


Our team includes service technicians, manufacturing personnel, laboratory personnel, and research and technical staff. We are at the forefront of technology and efficient citrus handling practices thanks to our experienced team of service technicians, manufacturing personnel, laboratory technicians, and research and technical staff. We also regularly undergo internal research projects and collaborate with universities and state agencies to stay ahead of the curve. This is how we were able to develop the most innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly fruit coating applications and machinery around.

Jose Torres

Jose Torres

Technical Manager - Oranges

Jose has 22 years of industry experience in citrus including work for Sunkist and FGS. Jose is currently managing a team of experienced service technicians that are dedicated to chemical citrus applications, and mechanical maintenance. Jose is an expert in system design and installation of chemical and wax application equipment. He is responsible for designing our patented, industry-leading, highly effective wax application system. This self- maintained, remotely accessible system provides a uniform, efficient, and precise wax application unlike any other.

Jose Torres

Marissa McSperitt

Technical Manager - Oranges

Marissa holds a B.S. in Agricultural Business from Fresno State with a minor in Plant Science and she is PCA/QAL licensed. Marissa has over 10 years’ experience in the citrus industry. She has experience with post harvest in regards to citrus, stone fruit, tomatoes, peppers and pomegranates. She posses a strong knowledge about harvest and field operations, operations management and production and food safety consulting (pre/postharvest).


Jose Torres

Tarcisio Ruiz

Technical Manager - Lemons

Tarcisio has 14 years experience having worked for Pace International, Wonderful Citrus, and now FGS. He has worked to develop new waxes, sanitizers, and fungicide formulations. He has worked alongside several world renown doctors and experts. He has vast post-harvest experience on citrus, and stone fruit commodities. Strong operations professional skilled in Food & Beverage, Food Processing, Operations Management, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Tarcisio currently supervises postharvest chemical applications, oversees decay control, MRL issues, and researches trials for food safety and chemical applications improvements.


Jose Torres

Chad Cox

Wax Technology Supervisor

Chad is the Supervisor of fruit coating manufacturing and helps deliver more than 300,000 gallons for more than 30 packing houses. Chad holds a Masters of Science degree in Plant Pathology and a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics. He is trained in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). Chad has experience with multiple different auditing schemes, trace back programs, and internal auditing procedures. Collaborate on development of new fruit coatings and optimization of current formulations. He is proficient with laboratory tools and procedures for chemical and biological analysis.

Jose Torres

Julie Doctor

Environmental Lead

Julie holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Food Science and Enology from Fresno State University. She has experience working in the wine industry as chemist and for the National Park Service as a drinking water and wastewater treatment operator. She worked for Sunkist Growers for 11 years in their Fruit Science Department and now has 10 years of experience working for FGS Post-Harvest Technologies.

Julie is HACCP trained and has vast experience with multiple auditing schemes, trace back programs, and internal auditing procedures. She has been responsible for research and implementation of CropFume, a treatment for the Australia citrus export protocol for controlling a quarantine pest.

Jose Torres

Dave Sorenson

Technical Manager

Dave holds a BA in Chemistry. He has a PCA and QAL license from the State of California. Dave has written more than a dozen papers published with Dr. Joe Smilanick on citrus and has co-authored part of a citrus textbook. Dave holds several patents on equipment and processing. He has more than 20 years’ experience in citrus processing. He formerly worked for PCI growing Cara Caras.


We understand that as a packing house, it's not only important you exceed food safety standards, but also that your wax protects, preserves and makes your fruit beautiful. We also understand that long term contracts are a pain - which is why we don't lock you into them. We also develop innovative machinery for packing houses that help with pest control and sanitizing, making your packinghouse more efficient than ever. Let Fruit Growers Supply’s Post Harvest Technologies department provide the highest quality wax, and the most innovative machinery in the industry.

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