We know it's important for every side of a packer’s bases to be covered to get the most out of the farmer’s harvest. That's why, aside from tools to till the land and the expertise to irrigate it, we also offer industrial and packinghouse supplies and machinery.


We carry all the items you need for successful fruit packing, including tools for weighing and bagging, macro bins, labeling supplies, marking products, adhesives, stretch wrap, corner boards, safety equipment, industrial chemicals, pallets, tri-walls, and food safety supplies. We know there's no end to the number of things you need to get the job done, and that's why there's no end to the versatility of our stock at Fruit Growers Supply Company.

A Name You Can Trust

Fruit Growers Supply has been helping out packers across the supply chain for over 100 years. We believe in making sure packers and agriculturalists have access to everything from fruit packing supplies to land management skills in order to make sure they get the best from their business. 


Don't settle for an outlet that overcharges for providing the bare minimum: shop at Fruit Growers Supply today and know you're getting the best service and equipment at the fairest prices.

If you'd like to know what FGS can do for your farm or land project, get in touch with us today and we'll be happy to give you a quote for our services.