Retail and Operation Stores
We carry agricultural supplies like fertilizers, pesticides, growing, harvesting, irrigation, lawn,  garden, apparel, power equipment and more.

Corrugated Cardboard Cartons
We produce 1.6 billion square feet of high quality corrugated packaging at our newly renovated and highly automated Carton Plant in Ontario.

Irrigation Parts, Supplies, Design and Installation
We design custom irrigation systems, perform installations, and stock irrigation parts and supplies.

Shipping Pallets
We stock and manufacture pallets, both new and reconditioned. You can even special order unique sized pallets to meet your needs.

Packing Services
Our packing services increase fruit quality and reduce decay through a combination of pre-harvest and post-harvest practices.

We serve the agricultural pallet, box, and crate market and aid in forest health efforts by utilizing smaller diameter timber.