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Modern-day packaging not only carries and protects products. It also promotes them by conveying information in an attractive manner. It influences customers’ perception of the products and their response to them.

Packaging can be of various shapes, based on your product and logistics. It can be of different materials, such as corrugated boxes. Packaging design can also differ, depending on the impression you want to make on your customers.

Corrugated boxes with quality graphics

Why is Packaging Design Even Important?

Product packaging is an entire industry in and of itself. It should be seen as an important part of your marketing strategy. Many multinational design agencies vie to create innovative packaging designs and strong branding messages for agricultural companies because of the huge exposure packaging receives in retail stores. Packaging design is the art of matching a vast range of products to very specific packaging solutions. As each product has different attributes such as size, weight and volume, packaging solutions also differ accordingly.

The following are some of the many factors attributed to packaging design: Materials used in packaging, such as corrugated, fabric, paper, plastic and more

  • Dimensions and durability that can affect the supply chain 
  • Shipping standards and regulatory compliance, which may differ from region to region
  • Finishing details such as print color, quality, and finish
  • Design innovation which can differentiate your brand and attract attention
  • Cost, which depends on all of the other factors listed above
  • Sustainability and environmental considerations such as packaging made from recycled material or can be recycled, or finding another use for the package or its material after its original purpose is fulfilled

An original and creative packaging design, consistent with your brand, can be the key to success in the modern retail arena.

Moonlight Brand Box Premium California Fruit Box
New innovative Moonlight box run at the Fruit Growers Supply Carton Plant in Ontario, CA

The Importance of Printed Packaging

Packaging design connects structure, form, materials, color, images, typography, and all the necessary information that helps promote your product. Printed packaging is crucial as it is the last marketing impression you deliver to your customers to entice them to buy your brand over another. It is also the first thing retail buyers notice as a product reaches them. The time, energy and investment you place into printed packaging will more than pay off in improved visibility among customers in crowded retail stores plus help create a preference in the minds of your buyers. However, your packaging needs to be more than just attractive to succeed. It needs to have a few important features:

Honesty: Good packaging design does not mean depicting a product as something much better than it actually is. If you pack a small unattractive fruit in a package that shows a huge colorful one, it amounts to misrepresentation in the eyes of your target audience. This leads to dissatisfied customers and a sullied brand image. Represent the product in the best way possible, but with honesty.

Shelf impact: On retail store arena, your product might be one among many, especially when customers see it from a distance. Your packaging has to be distinct and attractive to have shelf impact. Choose a design that pops.

Flexibility: Your packaging design should be able to accommodate a new product or even a few changes to the product it was customized for. It’s always more cost effective if your packaging allows for slight variations in product size without adverse effects to cost or appeal.

Branding: Successful packaging design is such that it becomes so intertwined with the product it carries that they are no longer seen as separate objects. Packaging is a mark of your brand’s promise. Everything on it should be in your brand’s custom typeface and colors.

Marketing: You can use printed packaging to promote a product’s freshness, its various uses, and production. Add an element of pleasant surprise for them by printing a discount code or a free service.

Transparency: Customers buy products they trust. So, it is important to provide more information and clarity about your product. Printed packaging helps you to provide information on contents as well as size, model, quantity, expiry date, etc. This fosters trust and loyalty.

Differentiation: Great packaging distinguishes your product from the many thousands of products in stores worldwide. A plain brown corrugated box comes alive with exceptional design, innovative structure and an impressive finish. Find the type of packaging that suits different markets and use it to promote your product. It should address all customer requirements and influence their choices to help influence their buying behavior.

Sales: Consumers are much more likely to notice and purchase products with great packaging design over an array of similar items. They appreciate unique, thoughtful printed material. Choose an uniquely identifiable design that your customers will remember and continue to look for.

Environmental safety: If your product and packaging are eco-friendly, print the eco-friendly symbol on your packaging. Retailers and customers will be able to identify your brand as an ethical and socially responsible one. It will also give you an edge over your competitors.

Advantages of Corrugated Boxes

BHS corrugator machine at Fruit Growers Supply Company in Ontario, CA

Corrugated boxes are a versatile and eco-friendly packaging method. Hence, they are used to pack and deliver a large range of products, including food, cosmetics, clothing, and jewelry. When it comes to produce, the box is used for transport but also can function as the retail display.

Corrugated boxes are popular because they have the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight, stack-able and easy to handle
  • Protect and preserve contents during shipping, handling, and storage
  • Cost-effective
  • Complete customization offering different shapes, sizes, colors and finishes
  • Environment-friendly; made from all or partly recycled material, often using environmentally friendly dyes, recyclable after used
  • Promotes the product inside while establishing brand awareness and consumer preference
  • Has surfaces that are well-suited for printing

Such advantages of corrugated boxes have made them the first choice among packaging material in the mass distribution of products.

Male Worker Lifting Boxes With a Forklift and Stacking Them in Storage Area
The Fruit Growers Supply Company corrugated plant in Ontario, CA

Corrugated Boxes with Graphics

Sunkist Smiles Brand Cardboard Box Made For Shipping
Sunkist Smiles – Mandarines, run at the Fruit Growers Supply Carton Plant

The machinery used to make boxes is now highly advanced and agile. This means that corrugated boxes can be made of any size or shape and in any quantity at great speed. They can also be made in an array of different colors and with different finishes.

The corrugated packaging sector is now developing systems and processes to address digital printing requirements. Such cutting-edge capabilities help the sector to offer far greater customization in packaging material. You can choose boxes of plain or colorful exteriors and interiors.

Corrugated surfaces are also suitable for high-quality printing. The surfaces of corrugated boxes absorb ink and retain it well. You can embellish your messages with various graphics and design elements that boost your brand equity. You can also personalize them according to customer preferences. This is sure to win the ever-changing attention of your customers and set you apart in the fast-growing competitive market. 

Custom-printed corrugated boxes are much more than just packaging with words and images on cartons. They are beacons that instantly steer the attention of your target audience to your brand. These boxes reinforce and associate your brand. The advantages they offer can help increase the growth and profitability of your business.

Check out how the Fruit Growers Supply Corrugated Plant can help you “grow to market.” Our newly automated facility allows us to provide our customers with endless combinations. Our high-tech machinery, innovative designs, and state-of-the-art print capabilities help us deliver amazing cartons that provide top-notch brand promotion while protecting your produce in storage, transit and while on display – all while providing an exceptional level of customer service and flexibility unrivaled in the industry.

Contact us today for your corrugated needs at (909) 256-0118 or email us at info@fruitgrowers.com

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