How Corrugated is Made

For more than 100 years now, corrugated boxes have reigned as the go-to method of transport packaging. Corrugated materials are everywhere around us. They’re used to display, promote and package just about every product you see and buy on earth. Whether it’s food, toys, office supplies, computers, clothes, furniture or […]

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The FGS Carton Plant Tour

Our Carton Plant in Ontario, California was originally built 38 years ago and focused on making boxes for Sunkist. Today we meet the box needs for Sunkist and many other big players in the open market with one of the most high-tech, automated, and efficient corrugated cardboard carton plants in America. […]

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Sunkist and The Wooden Box

Through the first half of the 20th century the piece of furniture found most often in a newlywed’s home or a college student’s dorm wasn’t really a piece of furniture. It was a wooden box. Turned on its side it held books, knickknacks, canned goods and spices. Covered with cloth […]

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