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Corrugated packaging continues to play a critical role in the preservation, transportation, and distribution of fresh produce throughout the world. As one of the leading custom corrugated box manufacturers and the oldest operating agriculture suppliers on the West Coast, our team has in-depth industry knowledge and experience about this piece of our industry.
Our corrugated packaging blog archives contain articles, insights, and fresh perspectives on this important, though often overlooked, sector. Whether you’re a grower managing a fruit farm or a packer specializing in postharvest, Fruit Growers Supply carries the corrugated products you need. Explore our blog to learn more.
Our Corrugated Blog Topics
From information about how custom corrugated packaging is made to Fruit Growers Supply’s role in promoting sustainability in corrugated manufacturing. Our corrugated blog archives include pieces on a range of topics related to corrugated packaging, such as:

What Is Corrugated?
A Brief History of Corrugated Fiber?
Sustainability in the Corrugated Paper Industry

About Fruit Growers Supply Company
Founded in 1907, Fruit Growers Supply Company is the oldest non-profit agricultural cooperative in the country. Established by Sunkist Growers as a means of taking more control over its wooden pallets and other growing supplies, FGS has grown in tandem with the produce industry of the West Coast, expanding our roster of products and services along the way.
Today, in addition to our original stock of wooden pallets and crates, we offer custom corrugated boxes, postharvest solutions, state-of-the-art irrigation systems, and much more. We also manage sustainable timberlands in the Pacific Northwest, committed to protecting our nation’s forests.
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We aim to share our accumulated knowledge and experience in these areas with the agriculture community through our various blog archives. To learn more about these vital produce industry subjects, explore our entire blog. If you still can’t find the answers you’re looking for, get in touch with our team by filling out this contact form.

A low-angle photo of trees in a forest

Corrugated Packaging: Recyclable and Sustainable

When choosing a packaging type for transporting your products, the environmental footprint and ease of recycling of that packaging is an important consideration for your business as well as the retailer and end-user. Here are three reasons to choose recyclable corrugated packaging for transporting your produce to market: 1. Made […]

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Close shot of a stack of corrugated fiberboard

The Difference Between Corrugated Fiberboard and Cardboard

Understanding the differences between cardboard vs corrugated fiberboard is an essential first step to take as you choose storage and shipping solutions. While the two materials are often referenced interchangeably, they’re actually quite different from each other. Corrugated offers some significant advantages over traditional cardboard, ensuring that your produce gets […]

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What Is Corrugated? Corrugated Definition and Explanation

Understanding corrugated fiberboard and having a definition of corrugated at your disposal can help growers and packers understand the science behind the boxes that are used to transport fruit and produce from farms all the way to the point of sale. Learn how this popular material is made from start […]

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Vegetable basket

Boxes That Keep Giving: Corrugated Packaging with Great Graphics

Modern-day packaging not only carries and protects products. It also promotes them by conveying information in an attractive manner. It influences customers’ perception of the products and their response to them. Packaging can be of various shapes, based on your product and logistics. It can be of different materials, such […]

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Paper Machine

A Brief History of Corrugated Fiberboard

For most of human history, packages have been made from wood and fiber in some form, and there have been many marvelous and useful innovations since the primitive baskets of 12,000 years ago. Paper was invented as recently as 2,000 years ago (and known only in Asia for half of […]

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Overhead Photo of Trash Can and Conveyer Belt With Boxes

How Corrugated is Made: The Corrugated Paper Manufacturing Process

For more than 100 years, corrugated boxes have reigned as the go-to method of packaging for product transportation. In today’s market, corrugated materials are used to display, promote, and package just about every product on earth. Whether it’s food, toys, office supplies, computers, clothes, furniture, or electronics, everything we buy […]

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Fruits and vegetables

How Does Produce Get to the Grocery Store?

Ever wondered how grocery store produce gets from the farm to the grocery store? Shipping fresh produce is a lot more complicated than you think, and it involves several supply chains and lots of different equipment, including corrugated boxes and pallets. Here’s everything you need to know about how fruits […]

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Cardboard on Facory Line Stacked Neatly With Pipes Around

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Corrugated Box Company

Packaging is a vital step in the agricultural industry that determines how produce moves from one location to another. A corrugated box is one of the most widely accepted and broadly used packaging materials in the world. Companies choose corrugated because it is superior and more flexible than other materials. […]

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A carton manufacturing plant in the daytime.

The FGS Carton Plant Tour

Our Carton Plant in Ontario, California was originally built 38 years ago and focused on making boxes for Sunkist. Today we meet the box needs for Sunkist and many other big players in the open market with one of the most high-tech, automated, and efficient corrugated cardboard carton plants in America. […]

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