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A large yellow lemon on the tree in the daytime

California Red Scale: What It Is, and What To Do About It

There are two kinds of scales (a small insect) that settle on citrus trees in California, causing damage to fruit, leaves, and even the trees themselves. These are the California red scale (Aonidiella aurantii) and yellow scale (Aonidiella citrina). Currently, the California red scale or citrus red scale is a […]

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Purple plum varieties hanging from a tree branch in the daytime.

The FGS Guide to Different Types of Plums

Who doesn’t love biting into the soft, juicy flesh of a fresh plum? These early to late summer favorites make the perfect snack for picnics in the park, delicious plum pies, prunes, and prune juice for year-round enjoyment. In 2014, fresh plum crops in California were worth $68,475,000 without counting […]

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Car on freeway driving away from a forest fire

Preventing California Wildfires for Growers

If you call California home, you’ve no doubt been affected by the tragic and often terrifying forest fires that have been sweeping over the state over the last few years. These fires can be devastating to everything from the natural environment to property values, and they’re not going away anytime […]

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A Variety of Healthy Fruits and Foods Including Kiwi, Apple, Avocado, Pepper, Grapefruit, Almonds and Spinach

Exotic Fruits Grown In California

Table of Contents Finger Lime Meyer Lemon Purple and Yellow Passion Fruit Cherimoya White Sapote Selling Your Exotic Fruits in California Specialized Marketing Cost-Effective Crop Management Join an Exotic Fruit Association As one of the warmest and sunniest states in America, California offers unique opportunities for growing all kinds of […]

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agricultural technology

5 Agricultural Technologies That Will Help Your Orchard Yield

Orchard owners here in California are continuously looking for ways to increase yields. Orchard supplies regularly fly off the shelves every season in the cause of better orchard yields. Now, more than ever, that effort is turning to technology. Every area of agriculture, from the type of fruit growing supplies […]

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