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aerial view of harvesting equipment in a farm

5 Unique Technological Advancements in Agriculture

Much has changed in the field of agriculture over the years. While some traditional methods and technologies remain, more efficient, effective, and innovative technological advancements in agriculture are creating new opportunities and transforming how farming is done. This has changed how crops are grown and led to more efficient methods […]

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dried-up sunflower

Drought Effects on Agriculture & How to Adjust

Agriculture is one of the most heavily impacted industries during a drought. Water shortage is making it difficult for farmers to grow their crops and provide food for their animals. The increasing drought effects on agriculture are also causing widespread damage to crops and livestock. In some cases, farmers have […]

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grapevine farm

4 Tenets of Biodynamic Viticulture

Biodynamic farming is a holistic approach to agriculture that combines biodynamics, organic farming, and traditional knowledge. In a world where many farmers are looking for ways to become more sustainable, biodynamic viticulture, the art of biodynamically growing grapevines has been one of the long-standing success stories. This holistic view of […]

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avocado on a tree

Avocado Diseases You Need to Know About

The avocado industry is booming, and farmers are always looking for ways to increase their yield. To keep your farm as productive as possible, it’s important to know about the diseases that affect avocados. Avocado diseases are a common problem for avocado trees in the United States. Most recent estimates […]

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Green and purple grapes next to glasses of red and white wine

Why Biochar is Great For Vine Growth

The benefits of biochar have been known to indigenous Brazilian farmers for centuries. However, this age-old technique is just recently being adopted by winegrape growers in California. Discover how growers are using biochar to increase their yields and profits while improving the soil. What is Biochar? Biochar is a form […]

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Light-green butterhead lettuce varieties

The FGS Guide to Lettuce Varieties

Adding new lettuce varieties to your lineup can lengthen your harvest season and increase your customer base while protecting against large-scale crop loss from disease. Discover eight varieties of lettuce that are ideal for cultivation in California. Green Leaf Lettuce Varieties Green leaf lettuce varieties are some of the most […]

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Beautiful grapevines

Vine Mealybug: What Grape Growers Should Know

The Vine Mealybug is a serious grape vine pest that can cause significant damage to grapevines. These bugs damage grapevines by sucking juices from the plant, which can lead to stunted growth and decreased crop yield. They’re easy to identify because they leave behind white mealy “honeydew” on leaves and […]

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A pink plastic salad bowl of green lettuce

E. Coli: Preventing Pathogens From Getting Into Produce

In 2018, an outbreak of Escherichia coli in romaine lettuce was linked to 210 cases of food poisoning, 96 hospitalizations, and 5 deaths. This was a tragic event in itself, but had far-reaching effects on the industry, as consumers became terrified of consuming lettuce. Understanding how E. coli infiltrates vegetables […]

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Bunches of green grapes on a vine in the daytime

Grape Yield Problems (and Suggested Solutions)

  Grape productivity is typically measured by grape yield per acre, expressed in tons. And while it’s not always possible to predict the exact yield you’ll produce each year, there are several things you can do to optimize grape production and ensure a crop of healthy grapes. How Many Grapes […]

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