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Frost Damage and Your Crops – What to Look For, and How to Prevent It

Keeping your crops healthy throughout the year is not easy. Numerous threats pose risks to your plants, from pests and weather events to equipment failures. Unfortunately, many of these threats are outside your control as a grower. However, there are prevention and management strategies to help mitigate crop damage. This […]

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5 Pro Tips to Improve Your Soil Health

Let’s talk about soil health. We’re going to distinguish between soil and dirt. Dirt is soil that’s out of place, like on your floor or in your truck. Soil, on the other hand, is full of diverse life forms. From insects to microbes, the organisms that call soil home are […]

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From Ancient History to Modern Health – Five Facts About Citrus

The time of year between mid-fall and the New Year hosts important holidays across many different cultures worldwide. One thing many of these traditions have in common is citrus. Here in North America, oranges were traditionally given as a stocking gift back when oranges were more of a luxury than […]

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What You Can do Now to
Protect Your Crops in the Winter

Fruit growers know they need to think and act seasonally to make decisions today that will impact their crops in the seasons and years to come. This kind of strategic thinking can be the difference between a grower whose operations thrive from season to season and one who flounders when […]

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Agricultural workers with personal protective equipment spraying pesticides in a field during the daytime.

Developing a management plan to protect your future food crops from pests

Your crops are your livelihood. Nurturing and protecting your plants throughout their lives is part and parcel of farming. Unfortunately, crops in California face numerous threats from pests, including certain insects, diseases, and fungi. Some people think “pest” and automatically assume “insect,” but that’s a crude and inaccurate oversimplification. After […]

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Apples growing on a fruit wall

Planning Ahead is a Fruit Grower’s Best Tool

Fall at the Operations Center At Fruit Growers Supply (FGS) operations center, fall is the busiest time of year. A retail store for farmers, primarily citrus growers, the Orange Cove operations center is preparing for another busy season. Jerry Cedillo is the Warehouse Supervisor at the Orange Cove location, with […]

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aerial view of harvesting equipment in a farm

5 Unique Technological Advancements in Agriculture

Much has changed in the field of agriculture over the years. While some traditional methods and technologies remain, more efficient, effective, and innovative technological advancements in agriculture are creating new opportunities and transforming how farming is done. This has changed how crops are grown and led to more efficient methods […]

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dried-up sunflower

Drought Effects on Agriculture & How to Adjust

Agriculture is one of the most heavily impacted industries during a drought. Water shortage is making it difficult for farmers to grow their crops and provide food for their animals. The increasing drought effects on agriculture are also causing widespread damage to crops and livestock. In some cases, farmers have […]

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grapevine farm

4 Tenets of Biodynamic Viticulture

Biodynamic farming is a holistic approach to agriculture that combines biodynamics, organic farming, and traditional knowledge. In a world where many farmers are looking for ways to become more sustainable, biodynamic viticulture, the art of biodynamically growing grapevines has been one of the long-standing success stories. This holistic view of […]

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