Unique Pallet Options For Your Unique Needs

FGS’s pallet plant was originally created to serve the agricultural industry. As the pallet plant has expanded in recent years, though, so has its long list of clients. Now serving a range of customers across multiple industries, the pallet plant provides high-quality wooden pallets for everyone from beverage manufacturers to pet food companies.

The FGS pallet plant produces a variety of pallet types, which helps the plant compete in different industries. Customers can choose from popular options — all sourced from high-quality, sustainably-sourced hardwood and softwood — or work with the team to build a custom pallet to meet their unique needs. The industry standard for all commodities is 48″ x 40″, although pallets can be constructed differently based upon customer input.

Speaking of sustainability, the pallet plant began offering customers a new option during the last several months: reconditioned pallets. “A brand new pallet goes through its shipping cycle,” explains Jim Williams, Sales Manager for FGS’ Supply Division. “Once the customer has fulfilled that shipment, companies buy those pallets, repair them if there are any broken or missing boards, and then resell them. Reconditioned pallets are a new thing that we can provide as an option for our customers.”

There are two grades of reconditioned pallets: Grade A and Grade B. Those grades correspond to a specific pallet’s physical appearance and history of repairs. For example, Grade A (or number one) pallets aren’t going to have any significant patches or fixes, whereas Grade B (or number two) pallets might have received some splices to fix a broken board or stringer. Grade B pallets have typically been used more times, as well. At the end of their lifespan, both types of pallets are recycled. So, what are the cost savings for customers if they want to use a reconditioned pallet? “You’re looking at a couple of dollars a pallet less for a number one pallet, then another dollar or two less if you go down to a number two pallet,” says Williams. Depending on a customer’s needs, this flexibility in pallet choice could significantly improve operating costs.

FAQs From Potential Customers

Understandably, potential new customers have questions about the FGS pallet plant and how it can serve their business. In the agriculture industry, our pallets are pretty well-known and enjoy a quality reputation. However, some folks might not be familiar with our work and capabilities in these new industries. Williams and his team are here to answer any questions a new customer might have.

“The most consistent question we get is if things get tight, are we going to drop them and only take care of our Sunkist business,” Williams says. “And the answer is absolutely not. We’re set up to support Sunkist and the open market. In fact, the open market is growing to be a larger part of our business than the Sunkist component.” The pallet plant is a well-oiled machine with a team that serves every customer, day in and day out.

The other question many new customers ask is if FGS has a ready material supply. “That’s an easy answer for us,” says Williams. “We have a long history with our partners in these mills and the brokers that support us, so we have what we need to meet our customers’ needs.” FGS sources sustainable wood for pallet manufacturing with reforesting measures to ensure a steady supply of materials.

Here For Your Pallet Needs

The pallet plant is experiencing growth as it embraces new ways of operating and new customers from various industries. “We’re prepared to be a full category supplier,” says Williams. “We look at every opportunity. Every challenge is an opportunity to improve at what we do, and we learn every day.”

With FGS, you can trust that the pallet team will help you every step of the way to ensure you receive the highest quality customer service the team is known for. “I make myself available for our customers to make sure their pallet meets their expectations,” says Williams. “And then, we follow up with them regularly to be at their facilities and ensure the quality meets their expectations.” This hands-on approach to customer satisfaction helps set FGS apart and is one of the many reasons why so many companies are turning to FGS for their pallet needs. So, if you’re wondering how the FGS pallet plant can serve you, contact us today for a free quote to get started. Whether you want a standard or custom-tailored solution, we’ll ensure you get the pallet that matches your precise needs. We’re here to help! Fill out our contact form by clicking here.

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