Pallets: An Essential Part of The Supply Chain

Learn About Produce Pallets in California
Fruit Growers Supply was founded out of a need for Sunkist Growers to establish a reliable source for quality wooden slats that were used in wooden shipping crates. Today, manufacturing wooden pallets for the California agriculture industry remains a fundamental pillar of our business.
While the times have changed and the needs of growers and packers have evolved, our commitment to providing solutions and being a resource to our community hasn’t wavered.
We’ve channeled our team’s experience and knowledge into our blog archives, where we share news, insights, and lessons learned from over a century in the wooden pallet business. Take a look for yourself to find information relevant to your packinghouse or to your growers.
Our Pallet Blog Topics
If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the supply chain from grower to grocery, find out which pallets in California are right for your product, or discover integrated packing solutions for your product, you’ll get that and more in our pallet blog archives.
Some featured articles include:

How Does Produce Get to the Grocery Store
The Safest Pallets for Your Product
Additional Uses for Wooden Pallets
Integrated Packaging Solutions for Your Business

About Fruit Growers Supply Company
Established in 1907, Fruit Growers Supply Company is the oldest non-profit agricultural cooperative in the country. From humble beginnings sourcing and creating wooden produce pallets in California, FGS has expanded over the decades to meet the needs of the growers, packers, and more through its roster of products and services.
Today, in addition to manufacturing pallets, we create custom corrugated packaging, postharvest solutions, modern irrigation systems that help farms conserve water and energy, and much more.
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If you’d like to learn more about the manufacturing of wooden pallets in California, which pallets are right for your company, or other uses for your pallets, be sure to explore our complete archive. If you’re interested in ordering our pallets, contact us today by filling out this online form.

Which type of pallet is best for you?

Fruit Growers Supply is one of the top pallet manufacturers on the West Coast. Our pallets are constructed locally in California, using high-quality hardwoods or softwoods that we’ve sourced from sustainable suppliers. We know that every growing operation is different, which is why we offer eight different styles of pallets […]

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FGS Pallet Plant: Perfect Fit for a Growing List of Industries

FGS is a big name in the agriculture industry. After all, we’ve been around for over 100 years. First created to serve Sunkist’s supply chain needs, Fruit Growers Supply has since expanded to serve the public across our many operating areas. Between offering state-of-the-art irrigation services to constructing corrugated boxes […]

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FGS Pallet Plant Attracts Diverse Customers

Unique Pallet Options For Your Unique Needs FGS’s pallet plant was originally created to serve the agricultural industry. As the pallet plant has expanded in recent years, though, so has its long list of clients. Now serving a range of customers across multiple industries, the pallet plant provides high-quality wooden […]

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A New Pallet to Serve a Multitude of Markets

Over 100 Years of Service to the Fruit Growing Industry  In 1907, Sunkist Growers created Fruit Growers Supply, an agricultural supplier, to manufacture wood crates for their California-grown oranges. Over 100 years since, Fruit Growers Supply has grown to serve both Sunkist and the open market, helping fruit producers of […]

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New Technology Boosts FGS Pallet Plant as Leading Pallet Manufacturer

A glimpse into the Fruit Grower’s Supply Pallet Plant Ron Santiago wears a safety vest as he sits in his office. The Plant Manager for Fruit Growers Supply’s (FGS) pallet plant, his attention is attuned to every detail that makes operations run efficiently and smoothly. In addition to providing irrigation […]

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Different Types of Pallets: Which One Do You Need?

Pallets are universal tools found on farms, as well as at storehouses, warehouses, packhouses and distribution centers. And yet, the professionals that use them – and even depend on them – might not think about just how versatile, vital and carefully engineered pallets are. They are designed for specific purposes […]

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a pile of pallets

What Type of Wooden Pallets Do You Need?

Wooden pallets are a great way to store and handle goods in the agriculture and industrial industries. Whether you produce fruits, flowers, or vegetables or handle other types of products in a warehouse or industrial setting, pallets are a vital part of your business. To ensure you’re using the correct […]

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DIY Pallet Projects

Wooden pallets are one of the most popular bases used for transporting fruits and vegetables from farms and orchards to packinghouses and grocery stores. However, once a shipment has been unloaded and the pallets are no longer needed, they provide a wonderful resource for anyone interested in trying their hand […]

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Assorted fruits on brown wooden racks

How Does Produce Get to the Grocery Store?

Ever wondered how grocery store produce gets from the farm to the grocery store? Shipping fresh produce is a lot more complicated than you think, and it involves several supply chains and lots of different equipment, including corrugated boxes and pallets. Spoiler alert: it’s more complicated than you might think. […]

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Pallet Garden With Variety of Ferns and Greenery

How to Create Your Own Pallet Garden

What can you grow in a pallet garden? From fruits and veggies to flowers and herbs, the best plants for pallet garden growing are only limited to your imagination! In urban spaces like New York City and Boston, space is at a premium, and more people than ever are choosing […]

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