If you’ve spent any time patronizing Fruit Growers Supply Co., or ever taken a look at some of our other blog posts, you already know that we’re big on sustainability. While carbon emissions and other environmental problems might grow by the day, there are also lots of ways to make sure your farm is ethical, earth-friendly and productive. Learn about some of the best new advances in sustainable agriculture technology today at FGS Co.

Live(stock) and Let Learn

As Plug and Play Tech Center points out, livestock is one of the most vital, yet simultaneously crucially overlooked, elements of agriculture and farming when it comes to thinking of ways to help the environment. But a slew of digital tech innovations have emerged to make sure the emissions and waste of a given livestock crop can be kept to a bare minimum: there are sensors to gauge the animal in question’s health, their hereditary risk of disease, the content of their food, and much more. Sustainable agriculture technology is often more closely associated with the farm’s flora rather than its fauna, but making sure both elements are taken care of will be crucial to any responsible farmer’s ethical environmental prospects.

A Load of Bull

Sustainable growing practices are all about making the most of the natural world around you, and what could be more natural to all the creatures of the world than going #2? While manure and fertilizer is a staple of any decent farm supply store, scientists have been finding some incredible new uses for animal waste product as of late: BioFiltro has even created a kind of sustainable agriculture technology that’s capable of draining the toxic chemicals out of animal waste, making it suitable for irrigation purposes! While you probably won’t want to replace your Evian bottled water with this stuff anytime soon, it just goes to show how modern technology can put even the least desirable parts of life on the farm to healthy use.

Cows in a field at sunset

Weathering the Storms

Any farmer who’s been around the block knows how quickly a sudden change in climate or an unexpected storm can make a hash of your harvest plans. Farmer’s Edge has created an app to facilitate sustainable agriculture technology by giving you up-close access to the changing weather in your area, using satellite imagery, soil scans and beyond. No matter how up to date your sustainable growing practices might be, they won’t amount to much if your plans get derailed by harsh weather, so this tech will surely be a boon to many in the industry.

Working on Communication

We’ve discussed the prevalence and increasing importance of automated farming before at Fruit Growers Supply Co., and there’s no getting around that machines are likely going to be the VIPS of sustainable agriculture technology for the foreseeable future. The systems that make these products viable are improving by the day, and there now exists a way to make sure all of your devices “talk” to each other and stay on the same page, thanks to new hub technology from Ayrmesh. By consolidating all of your tech platforms into one easy-to-use system, this will hopefully make emerging farm innovations a lot less intimidating to use for some of the more old-school members of our farming communities.

Irrigation with No Irritation

Arguably the originator of sustainable agriculture technology going back to ancient times, irrigation is what gets the water of life from the ground and bodies of water around your farm, into your farm. No longer limited only to areas that have abundant aquatic resources to begin with, great irrigation services can reach farmers in any location and with any kind of output thanks to advances in design and architectural breakthroughs. Mother Nature is always going to rule the roost when it comes to sustainable agriculture technology, but sometimes even she can use a helping hand every now and again.

Get the Best in Sustainable Growing Practices with Fruit Growers Supply Co.

There’s a reason we feel qualified to be the ones giving you advice about sustainable agriculture: we’ve been at its vanguard for over 110 years. Fruit Growers Supply Co. cares about giving farmers the results they need to thrive, and the tools they need to get those results without hurting the earth they harvest from. No matter what kinds of crops you trade in, FGS Co. can provide you with the sustainable agriculture technology that will work best for what you produce.

Did you know that Fruit Growers Supply Co. also gives back to local California communities, and that we work hand in hand with farmers of all stripes to get them the perfect growing and shipping materials for their operations? Send us a message if you’d like to know more, or leave us a comment below if you have thoughts of your own about sustainable growing practices. Whether you’re new to the world of sustainable agriculture technology or you’re looking for the right tool to push it forward on your own farm, you’ll find just what you need with the help of Fruit Growers Supply Co.


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