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5 Pro Tips to Improve Your Soil Health

Let’s talk about soil health. We’re going to distinguish between soil and dirt. Dirt is soil that’s out of place, like on your floor or in your truck. Soil, on the other hand, is full of diverse life forms. From insects to microbes, the organisms that call soil home are […]

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A green grassy orchard with a water canal running through the middle

The 3 Main Types of Irrigation Systems for Agriculture

The different types of irrigation systems for agriculture each come with advantages and disadvantages, and some are more appropriate for certain crops than others. Read on to learn about irrigation techniques for fruit trees and row crops, drip irrigation for vineyards, and how to maximize your water use. Surface Irrigation […]

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Information on Walnut Pests

Walnut pests are a menace to the walnut tree. Trees that are infested with these pests will fail to produce much in the way of nuts and eventually die off. Walnuts with pests will also not develop properly and will likely spoil before harvest time. This is a grave concern […]

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leafy lettuce

Everything There Is to Know About Growing Leaf Lettuce

Leaf lettuce is one of the most popular types of salad greens in the US, and for a good reason. They’re delicious, grow quickly (in about four weeks), have a low risk of disease, are easy to harvest, and can be grown year-round in mild climates. Leaf lettuce is available […]

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harvesting strawberries

The Best-Tasting Strawberry Varieties You’ll Want to Know About

For many farmers, the best-tasting strawberry varieties are a topic of much debate. Even with increasing yield and growing consumer demand, farmers should know that their success depends on their ability to produce the tastiest strawberries possible. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of great-tasting strawberries available in today’s marketplace. Many […]

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Photo of almonds bursting out of their shells

California Almond Production Is Booming

It seems like almonds are steadily creeping into a wide variety of the products that we consume daily. For those who are looking for a crop that is in demand, deciding to grow almonds can be quite profitable. But just how much is being produced and is it worth it […]

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Strawberries growing without weeds

Controlling Weed Growth in Strawberries

Weeds can be a hazard to any crop, but they’re especially hazardous to strawberries. Growers typically rely on strawberry runners called Stolons to efficiently propagate them. In a production system like matted row strawberries, weeds can crowd out new plants and endanger their yield. Here are a few key tips […]

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A grassy sustainable farming landscape at sunrise.

Design Principles for A Sustainable Farm

Sustainable farming isn’t a new idea. In fact, it’s what growers have been doing for thousands of years! What has changed is the amount that today’s farmers are required to produce and the techniques that they typically use to achieve this. Chemical fertilizers, strong pesticides, genetically-modified seeds, and heavy-duty machinery […]

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A grassy field with an insect hotel, scarecrow, and trellised vines

What is Permaculture?

At its most basic, permaculture gardening is a sustainable approach to growing that looks to nature to provide the most appropriate solutions. By sustainable, we mean a system that can continue indefinitely. In the world of economics, a sustainable approach to spending doesn’t go beyond one’s means. In the same […]

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Fallen apples sitting on top of abundant organic matter.

Regenerative Farming Put into Practice

In our initial post about regenerative agriculture, we introduced the concept of restorative growing as an umbrella term for regenerative farming practices that rebuild the topsoil, restore diversity, improve the water cycle, and sequester carbon. In this post, we’ll show you how to put restorative agriculture into practice in your […]

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