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If you call California home, you’ve no doubt been affected by the tragic and often terrifying forest fires that have been sweeping over the state over the last few years. These fires can be devastating to everything from the natural environment to property values, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, the growing threat of climate change and California wildfires go hand in hand.

Thankfully, you can do your part when it comes to preventing California wildfires by following a few simple steps and making some adjustments to the way you manage your land. Read our simple guide to practical ways you can help keep California’s forests safe and verdant for years to come.

How do Wildfires Start?

There are likely as many origin points for wildfires as there have been fires themselves, but much of the time they start because of plain negligence. Many of California’s worst fires have started due to something as simple as a downed power line in a, particularly dangerous spot. Preventing California wildfires needs to start in urban areas much of the time, but wherever the blaze starts, forests and farms soon become just as vulnerable to the fire as any city. You can’t stop a fire by yourself once it starts, but you can do some things to mitigate the damage.

Intuitive Irrigation

It’s common sense that the more water is in an area, the less prone that environment is to sudden fires. One of the best ways of preventing California wildfires is to make sure the soil on which you grow is properly irrigated. Making sure there’s an appropriate level of moisture in the ground you work with will go a very long way towards making sure the surrounding area isn’t dried out and vulnerable to sudden blazes.

You might think irrigation only affects your own grounds, but it’s important to remember that the earth doesn’t discriminate between where you draw the border of your land and where the rest of the wilderness starts: your environment is one segment of a cohesive whole, and part of preventing California wildfires comes from treating the ground as well as the product you want to harvest from it.

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Lumbering Around

In California we can sometimes take our trees for granted, but we have to remember that the forest is a carefully balanced ecosystem, and while some kinds of trees are perfectly fine to cut down for lumber purposes, other kinds of timber are harder to replace and can cause great harm if the void they leave is left unfilled for too long. That’s why sustainable forestry is becoming an increasingly vital part of preventing California wildfires as well as the overall practice of farming in our great state. In order to take a stand against climate change, California wildfires need to be kept on a greater leash than they have been over the past decade, and educating yourself about the best practices for getting the timber you need whilst keeping your local forest happy and healthy will lead to better farmland for us all.

The Corrugation Game

Environmentally conscious consumers and businesses are figuring out that the packaging their product comes in can be as important as the product itself. We do our best to assist in preventing California wildfires by only packaging our products in a material that’s been ethically and sustainably sourced. If you’re buying products from a California-based retailer, do some research and find out what and where they’re packaging their materials from, or send an email to a customer service rep if the information isn’t readily available on their website.

Focusing on Safety and Sustainability

There are many individual things a person can do to fulfill their part in preventing California wildfires, but the most effective long-term change you can make for the environment is to wrap all these choices in a new mentality about the way you think about your environment. Doing something as simple as remembering to hit the lights when you’re not using them takes that little bit of a strain off of PG&E’s power grid, and decreases the odds of another inferno in its own small way. When you adapt your lifestyle towards becoming an environmentally-conscious person as a whole, preventing California wildfires will be only one benefit out of many you’ll see in your life and in the world around you.

Fruit Growers Supply Fights Climate Change, California Wildfires, and More

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When you choose to do business with Fruit Growers Supply, you’re partnering with an institution that’s been helping growers to profit off their harvest and sustain the earth they work on since 1907. We have over 100 years of experience in providing farmers and agriculturalists with the tools and resources they need for preventing California wildfires by tilling the land in such a way that their children (and their children’s children) will benefit from this beautiful country for generations to come. We take sustainability seriously, and our methods have been proven to work time and time again.

If you have any thoughts about our list of ways you can fight wildfires, or if you think there’s anything we missed, leave us a comment below and join the conversation. Get in touch with one of our customer service reps if your questions are more in-depth, or if you’d like to see what Fruit Growers Supply can do for your business. Preventing California wildfires is no small matter, so if you’re tired of outlets that only do the bare minimum in pursuit of making a quick buck, make the switch to Fruit Growers Supply and join our family today.

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