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For many farmers, the best-tasting strawberry varieties are a topic of much debate. Even with increasing yield and growing consumer demand, farmers should know that their success depends on their ability to produce the tastiest strawberries possible. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of great-tasting strawberries available in today’s marketplace. Many people think that all strawberries taste the same because they don’t have the opportunity to compare different varieties side by side. 

With this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best-tasting strawberries, from the popular red varieties to the new white strawberry varieties, so you can decide which ones would be best for your farm. These berries grow well in California, but their flavor profiles will be best suited to particular climates.

Jewel Strawberries

Jewel has an exotic tropical fruit flavor, making it one of the best-tasting strawberry varieties. These plump red berries are one of the most popular types available because they’re big enough for snacking on straight out of hand and they offer a mouthful of flavor. Jewel strawberries grow best during June and July when the days are long and the weather is warm, and they do best with proper weed growth control

Most strawberries are bred with the consumer’s palate in mind, and Jewel strawberries are no exception. These strawberries feature an intense sweetness and a characteristic tropical taste, best enjoyed as is or used to make fresh strawberry pies and jams. Farmers looking for the best-tasting strawberry varieties will love Jewel strawberries because they are easy to grow.

Chandler Strawberries

Chandler strawberries have a unique, orange-red color with an incredibly sweet flavor. They’re one of the tastiest strawberry varieties on the market today. They’re firm but not too hard or tart, making them an ideal snack. This variety is best eaten fresh, so if you’re only growing strawberries to sell to consumers, this is one of the best strawberry varieties to consider.

Farmers should know that this plant has an attractive appearance and can be harvested throughout the strawberry season. This variety will also produce a high yield, so you’ll get plenty of fruit to sell during its growing period. Customers will love the delicious flavor of these strawberries, and you’ll appreciate how easy they are to grow with proper fertilization.

White Strawberries

White strawberries are new to America, but they have been a popular variety in Japan for many years. In fact, white strawberries are some of the best-tasting strawberry varieties that you can find so far. They’re not only unique in color but also smell a little like a pineapple. Farmers looking for something new to grow in their fields should consider planting white strawberries.

White berry varieties are becoming more popular, and they’re as easy to grow as red berry varieties. The best part about white strawberry varieties is that farmers can plant them earlier in the season because of their resistance to cold weather. White strawberries are even sweeter and contain more vitamin C, folate, calcium, and antioxidants than traditional black or red berries.

Selva Strawberries

The Selva strawberry variety is known for its abundant, firm, juicy fruit. It’s one of the best-tasting strawberry varieties that is also ideal for commercial cultivation. It boasts exceptionally large fruits, heavy cropping, and excellent shelf life. Selva strawberries taste best when they are harvested at an early stage of development. This strawberry variety has a wonderful, sweet-tart flavor and can be eaten fresh or as an ingredient in desserts such as pies and tarts.

Farmers interested in cultivating Selva strawberries can look forward to higher yields per hectare. It matures early and is best grown in temperate climates with cooler summers. Although it can be planted during the beginning of summer, Selva Strawberry will grow best when planted at the end of March or early April.

Camarosa Strawberries

Camarosa strawberries are one of the most common and best-tasting strawberry varieties. This variety has a wonderful sweet flavor and produces big yields. The berries are large with good form and can easily stand up to storage and shipping. The plant grows between 6 and 12 inches tall and wide and grows well year-round in temperate zones.

Camarosa is a robust plant that produces some of the best flavorful fruits, even throughout the summertime. Its brilliant red color is uniform and makes for attractive preserves. The best part of this variety is that it can be harvested in a single pass, thanks to its high yield and large size. 

What About New Varieties Like Moxie, Royal Royce, and Valiant?

Delicious Strawberries

Like white strawberry varieties, new varieties of strawberries are being developed all the time, like Moxie, Royal Royce, and Valiant. These new strawberry varieties also have unique flavors and are best for eating fresh. Moxie has a red exterior with a white interior and has a mild flavor that is slightly tart with just enough sweetness.

Royal Royce strawberries have an almost perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors, making them one of the best-tasting strawberry varieties for eating fresh. Valiant strawberries are completely red but still firm and are best eaten in June and July. They have a uniquely sweet flavor that can be described as slightly tangy with a hint of butterscotch.

Strawberry Farming is Thriving

Strawberries are an incredibly popular fruit. For farmers, this is great news because the demand for strawberries is high, and that means more money in your pocket. Knowing the strawberries that your customers will love is important to the success of your strawberry farm. 

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