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Wooden pallets are a great way to store and handle goods in the agriculture and industrial industries. Whether you produce fruits, flowers, or vegetables or handle other types of products in a warehouse or industrial setting, pallets are a vital part of your business. To ensure you’re using the correct type of wooden pallets for your specific operations, you should know what pallet types and sizes are available.

Here are the different types of pallets you can buy based on your needs. 

Standard Reversible Pallets

Standard reversible pallets are the most common type of pallet. They have two standard faces, one smooth and one rough, which can be used interchangeably. This type of pallet is ideal for use with a forklift or pallet jack. Standard reversible pallets are available in 48×40 inches size and are made of hardwood or softwood. They’re widely used in agricultural, dairy, beverages, automotive, chemical, and defense industries. This type of wooden pallet is also called a stringer pallet.

Limited Use Pallets

Limited use pallets are designed to be used for an average of up to 5-10 trips. The load-bearing surface isn’t suitable for overloading, and the lumber used is not designed to withstand exposure to weather, chemicals, or other types of potentially harmful substances. They’re typically made of weaker materials like cardboard or plastic, making them less durable. They’re a popular choice for lightweight and fragile items since they offer some protection during transit. 

Single Face Skid Pallets

Single face skid pallets offer exceptional load-bearing capacity, making them a perfect option in diverse environments. These types of wooden pallets are ideal for use in the transportation and distribution of heavyweight items. They’re also used extensively as a material handling device in manufacturing, farming, and warehousing applications. They’re strong and durable, making them the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

Single Wing Pallets

Single wing pallets are typically made from softwood lumber and have two identical wings, or sides, that hinge along the centerline of the pallet. This design makes them easy to handle and move around. They’re shaped to optimize loading and unloading and consist of top deck boards protruding beyond the pallet stringers for easy use with cargo slings, straddle forklift trucks, bars, and conventional transporters and forklift trucks. They’re ideal for use in narrower warehouse isles. 

Heavy Duty 2-Way Pallets

These types of wooden pallets are designed for heavy loads and are perfect for shipping and storing large items. They have a capacity of up to 3000 pounds and can be used with a forklift or pallet jack. Heavy-duty pallets are also great for stacking, making them ideal for use in warehouses and distribution centers. If you need a pallet that can handle a lot of weight multiple times, then a heavy-duty pallet is the right choice for you. These pallets vary in type and size too.

Block Pallets

Block pallets use strong blocks between the top and bottom boards instead of using the usual stringers. They come with openings on all four sides of the pallet that are sufficient to admit hand-pallet jacks, ensuring easy, full four-way entry access. These types of wooden pallets are perfect for heavy-duty applications as they’re one of the sturdiest types of pallets. They offer reliable stability for loads on top while allowing forklifts entry from any direction. 

GMA 4-Way Pallets

GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) 4-way pallets are available in new, recycled softwood and hardwood varieties. They’re also available in stringer or block type and are always four-way entry/exit types. These pallets have an overall footprint of 40″ by 48″ and often come with a load-bearing capacity of 2,500 lbs up to 4,600 lbs with two notches on each side of the pallet for four-way forklift entry. They’re the industry standard for food industry transportation pallets. 

Double Wing Pallets

These types of wooden pallets are best used for lifting and storage purposes. They have wings that protrude out from the top and bottom of the pallet, which makes them stronger and more stable. They’re also made in various pallet construction styles and dimensions, including stringer and block pallets. The wings significantly increase the surface area that products can be placed on, increasing the overall unit-load area.

Choosing the Right Pallets for Your Needs

With a variety of wooden pallet types and sizes to choose from, it’s important to understand the purpose of the pallets before making a purchase. You’ll want to make sure the pallets you select can handle the weight of your products, are the correct size for your shipment requirements, and are safe for your products. Heavier items will require a stronger, heavy-duty pallet, while lighter items can be transported on a standard pallet. Buy pallets in bulk to save money, and always ensure you have a few extra pallets on hand in case of damage or loss.

Products on pallets in a warehouse

If you plan to use the pallets for an extended period of time or if they will be exposed to the elements, it’s important to select a type of pallet that will last, such as hardwood or plastic pallets. Keep in mind that if you’re handling food products like fruits or vegetables, you’ll want to use food-safe types of wooden pallets, such as the GMA 4-way pallets, which are high-quality, top-grade, and offer guaranteed performance.

Buy High-Quality Pallets at Fruit Growers Supply

At Fruit Growers Supply, we have a wide selection of the most popular pallet options and also work with clients to design their own custom pallets. We’re California’s most trusted pallet supplier for agricultural and industrial needs. Our pallets are made of the highest quality and sustainably-sourced hardwood and softwood, ensuring that your products are transported and stored safely.

Our pallets meet industry-grade specifications and are ISPM-15 compliant. We also offer a Pallet Buy Back program where you get the opportunity to sell your used pallets back. Want to learn more about the different types of wooden pallets or place orders? Contact us to speak with a representative.

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