Ever wonder why corrugated cardboard packaging is so popular and widespread? Used in many industries the world over, corrugated packaging is no stranger to the agricultural world, especially with fruit growers. While there are tons of options for holding product or sending fruit to market such as cartons, bins, plastic, Styrofoam, and more— corrugated reigns supreme and for many good reasons. 

These reasons may be different and vary depending on the industry. Which begs the question: why is corrugated the best packaging solution for agriculture and growers, especially fruit growers? As development and design with corrugated packaging has advanced and innovated over time, it’s been shown that it beats all other options time and time again, and for multiple reasons. Here’s why corrugated is the best packaging solution for fruit growers in particular.

Corrugated is food safe and hygienic

This is a top reason why companies and industries have adopted primary corrugated packaging, and why it is such a success. Besides corrugated material being manufactured in a way that prevents the carrying of harmful microbes or pathogens to begin with, the material is also heated up many times during the process to a temperature that completely eradicates these hazards. This process prevents them from passing on to food products as well as to the general public. Temperatures for manufacturing typically reach around 200˚F according to some sources.

This is an important thing to consider especially for fruit products. These, when compared to other food items like vegetables and animal products,  have a higher sugar content and thus can be very susceptible items to spoilage. In some cases, this can lead to pathogenic spread as well. In addition, wax coated corrugated products can both help reduce issues with product spoilage and loss while boosting the reusability and durability of your packaging.

Corrugated is single use

Corrugated solutions designed for single use – or fewer uses – is another aspect that helps the product act as a safe and food hygienic option, whether for holding or transport. Single use means that whenever the product comes into contact with food (meaning with potential pathogens as well) it can be disposed or recycled into the waste stream — and out into the food stream. Single use keeps any hazards well away from contaminating the public or the employees who handle it.

Single use is also incredibly space-efficient for any industry, and of course applies to the agricultural and fruit growing industries. Corrugated cardboard boxes, cartons, storage containers and more can be stored in flat sheets at a great volume in most facilities. Despite its compact nature, the actual volume of product corrugated packaging could hold is far greater than what it takes up when stored. With corrugated pieces only needing to be assembled to full, usable size, this makes corrugated far more competitive than non-collapsible packaging containers of any material.

Corrugated packaging is widely adaptable

Nothing is more affordable and adaptable for fruit produce packaging than corrugated. A wide variety of sizes, shapes, designs, purposes, volumes and the like can be found across the industry. For any specific product or market, you can bet there’s already a corrugated packaging model out there tailored for a product’s optimal storage and transport. As you may know, you can find containers designed for citrus, strawberries, broccoli or anything else! While price may vary from product to product — depending on the size or type needed for packaging — corrugated options still manage to keep things price-effective and similar in costs, no matter the size or design.

Most importantly, these products are expertly crafted for optimal product weight and storage, whether for simply holding or transporting these products, and in ways that cut down on damage or spoilage. Ventilation, corrugated thickness, strength, shape, and more are each vital details that are expertly and professionally considered during the manufacturing process. These benefits are always passed on to the grower, and are then in-turn passed on to the consumer.

Corrugated is excellent for branding

Custom designs for corrugated allow for growers and companies to make the best use of branding and marketing. Boxes and cartons can bear logos, product information, company information and other useful information that are each just as cost-effective for marketing as they are for the practical uses and purposes of corrugated. Logos are especially effective and affordable add-ons to corrugated packaging. Compared to other options that involve plastic or other more semi-permanent materials, your company can advertise its image cheaply, impactfully and professionally, and in a way that effortlessly ties marketing costs into your enterprise’s more practical operations.

Is your company changing its image or logo. How about altering pertinent information about your product on its packaging. Making these changes to corrugated packaging is simpler and more affordable than replacing any branding associated with reusable or multi-use packaging. Since corrugated packaging— especially first-use corrugated— can be recycled back into manufacturing and production streams, a change of brand image and logo means no waste or lost materials. This also means reduced loss of marketing or packaging costs for both your company, and reduced stress to natural resources.

Corrugated is sustainable and recyclable

Corrugated continues to be one of the most earth-friendly packaging options you can support, especially if you source from a company with responsible sourcing practices. Corrugated options qualify not only as sustainable but also as better for the livelihood of forests, since ethical forestry practices naturally fosters the health of forests and timber. 

Compared to plastic, Styrofoam  and other resources, the use of corrugated— when done properly— can have a net positive impact on the environment, cutting down on pollution and landfill space . It can also have a positive impact on preserving resources. Most corrugated packaging options are also completely recyclable. Corrugated remains one of the most easily renewable and reusable materials, and is widely recycled nationwide and beyond.

For many reasons, corrugated packaging remains the best option and a superior choice for fruit growers, food producers and the agricultural market here in the Central Valley and around the world.

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