Fruit Growers Supply Company: A Rich History

Apples growing on a fruit wall

The Benefits of Fruiting Walls

If you were to stroll through the streets and laneways of the Parisian suburb of Montreuil in the 1870s, you would find yourself lost in a maze of 300 hectares of fruiting peach walls. The walls themselves were 2.5-3m tall and more than half a meter wide, covered in limestone […]

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A fruiting branch covered in ice can become frost damaged.

Frost Damage: What You Need to Know

Frost damage can become a problem when cold temperatures occur suddenly in spring and autumn — killing shoots, buds, flowers, and bark and giving them a scorched appearance. Fortunately, new growth usually comes through by summer to replace the frost-damaged plant tissues. Here are some facts about frost damage and […]

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Biostimulants include algae and seaweed.

Biostimulants: What They Are & How To Use Them

There are numerous challenges facing the agriculture and horticulture industries today, many of which are a direct result of industrial activity and climate change. Unsurprisingly, the things that put more stress on humans — more extreme temperatures, increasing amounts of radiation, heavy metals, soil salinity, and pollution — put more […]

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Bottles of lemon, orange, and apple juice with a knitted beanie.

Plant Virus Detection and Treatment

We often think of plants as helping us raise our own immunity against common viruses like cold and flu. However, plants can be infected with diseases, too. While the study of plant viruses is fairly recent, infectious plant diseases have been around for some time. Read on to learn more […]

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Bee pollinator feeding on a white flower in the daytime.

What is the Integrated Crop Pollination Project?

There is one thing that specialty crop growers know extremely well: If there isn’t adequate pollination, there won’t be a bumper crop. The wind often helps with this annual process, especially if the pollinating trees are placed upwind and not far from the trees to be pollinated. But mostly, we […]

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New York Times recipe post on Facebook.

The Modern Necessity of Social Media in Tree-Fruit Growing

In times gone by, your parents and grandparents knew exactly where to find their customers. Generally, it was at the weekly trip to the Wednesday market or sitting on their porch, waiting for the truck of fresh produce to pass by. Now, with farms covering more acreage and separated from […]

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The Most Common Fruit Pests, And How To Handle Them

Experienced growers of stone fruits and citrus will be well acquainted with the pests that tend to affect their crops and effective strategies for protecting the harvest. However, for novice orchardists and conventional growers who are looking for new techniques and bee-friendly measures, this quick-reference list of citrus pests and […]

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close up stawberry

The Downlow on Gray Mold: How to Keep it Out Of Your Fruit Crop

The cool, damp climate conditions throughout winter provide the perfect backdrop for cups of tea and home-baked goods. Unfortunately, these conditions also provide the perfect breeding ground for gray mold to form on crops as well as harvested produce. Visible as brown spots and then as a fuzzy gray coating […]

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California Department of Food and Agriculture recommends frequent hand-washing.

The Healthy Harvest Program: What It Is and How It’s Helping

The California Department of Food and Agriculture, in partnership with the California Fresh Fruit Association, local counties, and others, have initiated the Healthy Harvest program to support food workers at every level of the supply chain in staying well and keeping others well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover the highlights […]

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California Fresh Fruit Association helps growers, packers, and shippers.

California’s Fruit PAC: How They Make a Difference Behind the Scenes

The opening of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 marked an important turning point in California’s agricultural history — large quantities of fresh citrus, berries, tree-fruits, and tree-nuts could now be transported from the center of production on the west coast to the bustling cities on the east coast. As growers […]

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