Fruit Growers Supply Company: A Rich History

A box of perfectly ripe strawberries.

New Fruit Sorting Options That Will Change the Way You Do Business

The Pomegranate Sorting Technique that Went Viral on Twitter On June 26, 2020, a video posted by Vala Afshar on Twitter depicting a simple fruit-sorting system went viral. In the video, a man rolled individual pomegranates down a set of rods that increased in distance, dropping the pomegranates directly into […]

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Green lamb’s lettuce with small droplets of water.

Plant Health | Flexible Solutions | Fruit Growers Supply

The greatest challenge of agriculture is producing a thriving, nutrient-rich crop without harming the workers, consumers, and the environment in the process. Spearheaded by the Noble Research Institute, new research into peptides for plant health looks promising as an alternative to conventional pesticides and antibiotics. What Are Peptides? Peptides are […]

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Two large yellow lemons on the tree in the daytime.

California Red Scale: What It Is, and What To Do About It

There are two kinds of scales (a small insect) that settle on citrus trees in California, causing damage to fruit, leaves, and even the trees themselves. These are the California red scale (Aonidiella aurantii) and yellow scale (Aonidiella citrina). Currently, the California red scale or citrus red scale is a […]

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Rows of apple-tree spindles under a hail net in the daytime.

What’s New in Crop Protection Measures

Crop protection is an ongoing challenge for California’s fruit, vegetable, and tree nut growers. Unfavorable climate conditions, depleted soil, pests, and bacterial and fungal diseases can ruin part and even all of a crop — causing significant losses for growers and raising prices for consumers. At a time when many […]

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Purple plums in a wooden barrel.

Getting The Soil Just Right For Organic Stone Fruit Production

Vernon Peterson, an organic grower at Abundant Harvest, quickly discovered after transitioning to organic agriculture that soil health was essential for growing healthy stone fruit. In an interview with Growing Produce, he explained: “In order to farm organic fruit, soil is your No. 1 concern,” he says. “If you get […]

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A mature peach on a tree, unaffected by stone fruit diseases.

Identifying Stone Fruit Bacterial Diseases

Stone fruit diseases are many and varied, but they typically come from four main origins: Phytoplasmas Fungus Bacteria Unknown origin Knowing which kind of disease you’re dealing with can help you identify effective methods of prevention and control to protect your fruit and avoid a loss. Here, we’ll take a […]

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Purple plum varieties hanging from a tree branch in the daytime.

The FGS Guide to Plum Varieties

Who doesn’t love biting into the soft, juicy flesh of a fresh plum? These early to late summer favorites make the perfect snack for picnics in the park, delicious plum pies, prunes, and prune juice for year-round enjoyment. In 2014, fresh plum crops in California were worth $68,475,000 without counting […]

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Apples growing on a fruit wall

The Benefits of Fruiting Walls

If you were to stroll through the streets and laneways of the Parisian suburb of Montreuil in the 1870s, you would find yourself lost in a maze of 300 hectares of fruiting peach walls. The walls themselves were 2.5-3m tall and more than half a meter wide, covered in limestone […]

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A fruiting branch covered in ice can become frost damaged.

Frost Damage: What You Need to Know

Frost damage can become a problem when cold temperatures occur suddenly in spring and autumn — killing shoots, buds, flowers, and bark and giving them a scorched appearance. Fortunately, new growth usually comes through by summer to replace the frost-damaged plant tissues. Here are some facts about frost damage and […]

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Biostimulants include algae and seaweed.

Biostimulants: What They Are & How To Use Them

There are numerous challenges facing the agriculture and horticulture industries today, many of which are a direct result of industrial activity and climate change. Unsurprisingly, the things that put more stress on humans — more extreme temperatures, increasing amounts of radiation, heavy metals, soil salinity, and pollution — put more […]

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