Fruit Growers Supply Company: A Rich History

Fresh fruits in an open market

California Releases Roadmap To Sustainable Pest Management By 2050

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has released its roadmap for the state to transition to Sustainable Pest Management (SPM) by 2050. The plan was developed by Members of the Sustainable Pest Management Work Group and Urban Subgroup in collaboration with California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), the California Department […]

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Watering Crops in a Field Irrigation System Short Crops

How Growers Can Rise to the Challenges of Drought

California never had much fresh water to begin with. Drought has been a challenge to California growers for many years now, and it will continue to present challenges as the effects of climate change bring a new, even drier normal to the state. Currently, California is experiencing a mega-drought, as […]

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Green uncut California avocados

Demand for California Avocados is High This Year: Here’s Why

We often don’t think of marketing as something that’s necessary for edible produce. After all, doesn’t a crate of ripe, creamy avocados entice customers all on its own? The reality that we’ve seen this year is that marketing California avocados really does increase sales. Here are some key facts on […]

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Two large, yellow lemons on a lemon tree in the daytime

4 Potential Lemon Tree Problems and What To Do About Them

There are several kinds of lemon tree problems that are common in California. Fortunately, many of them can be prevented through the cultivation of the soil and attention to climatic conditions. Read on to learn about four potential lemon tree problems and what to do about them. Waterlogged Roots In […]

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A box of perfectly ripe strawberries

New Fruit Sorting Options That Will Change the Way You Do Business

The Pomegranate Sorting Technique that Went Viral on Twitter On June 26, 2020, a video posted by Vala Afshar on Twitter depicting a simple fruit-sorting system went viral. In the video, a man rolled individual pomegranates down a set of rods that increased in distance, dropping the pomegranates directly into […]

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Green lamb’s lettuce with small droplets of water.

The Benefits of Peptides

The greatest challenge of agriculture is producing a thriving, nutrient-rich crop without harming the workers, consumers, and the environment in the process. Spearheaded by the Noble Research Institute, new research into peptides for plant health looks promising as an alternative to conventional pesticides and antibiotics. What Are Peptides? Peptides are […]

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Rows of apple-tree spindles under a hail net in the daytime.

What’s New in Crop Protection Measures

Crop protection is an ongoing challenge for California’s fruit, vegetable, and tree nut growers. Unfavorable climate conditions, depleted soil, pests, and bacterial and fungal diseases can ruin part and even all of a crop — causing significant losses for growers and raising prices for consumers. At a time when many […]

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