Fruit Growers Supply Company: A Rich History

A pistachio nut tree branch.

An Intro to Pistachio Growing

Of all of the nuts on supermarket shelves, pistachios are probably the most fun to eat. Merely sitting down with a packet of in-shell pistachios is enough to help you feel more relaxed — shelling and eating pistachios is a great activity to enjoy with friends, too! In California, we […]

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Basil-topped pizza appearing in healthy restaurant menus.

How Healthier Restaurant Menus are Transforming the Business

Since the beginning of the 20th century, vegetable and fruit agriculture has been heading in the direction of homogenization – with the arrival of genetically-modified varieties in 1973 only accelerating the process. However, customer demand for healthy restaurant menus has begun to turn the tide in the opposite direction with […]

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Boxes of halved orange peels require food waste solutions.

Food Waste Overview & Ways to Reduce It

In 2012, an eye-opening report was published by the NRDC entitled Wasted: How America is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill. Before this report was released, no one really had any idea about food waste, and discussions soon began at a federal […]

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Three bays for making compost in a grassy field

Three Ways to Make Compost Quickly and Easily

There’s nothing like the rich, earthy smell of mature compost and the sight of wriggly earthworms working their way through the mix. The results of applying compost to your soil can be equally as delightful, with better soil structure, increased water filtration, and a healthier and more nutrient-dense harvest. Discover […]

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A cross-section of the topsoil below a barley crop

How to Build Up Your Topsoil Naturally

Life begins from the soil — and in many cases — the top six inches of soil that’s commonly referred to as topsoil. In this thin layer of earth, we can find an incredibly rich ecosystem of soil life and nutrients that works together to create strong, healthy plants, and […]

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A cup of compost tea on a wooden table with autumn leaves

Compost Tea: What is it and How to Make Your Own

Compost is perfect for home gardens and small-scale market gardens, but what if you need to improve the soil over dozens of hectares of acres? Whether your specialty is annuals or fruit and nut trees, compost tea provides a cost-effective way to add soluble nutrients to your soil and foliage […]

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community garden

How to Start (and Maintain) a Community Garden

Starting a community garden is a fantastic way to connect people from all walks of life in the production of healthy food, and to teach the next generation of children where food comes from and how it’s grown. Follow these community garden ideas to establish a successful — and sustainable — […]

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A white wall covered with ivy and flowering plants.

Utilizing Small Spaces Productively

Table of Contents Be Selective Think about Layers Ensure the Best Conditions for Your Plants Companion Planting, Guilds, and More Applying the Principles on a Larger Scale One of the challenges of a rapidly increasing global population is that each person and family has less space for growing food. Traditionally, […]

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