Gardening can be a very rewarding hobby — it gets you out enjoying the sunshine, exercise, friendship, and relaxation, and comes with a prize of handpicked produce and flowers for the table. Having the right growing tools can make all the difference between pure frustration and gardening with ease. Read on to discover twelve small gardening tools that every serious gardener should have.

Digging and Planting Tools

  • Hand Trowel
    The hand trowel is the simplest and most nimble of growing tools and one that can be found in most homes and apartments. This easy-to-source tool can be made from plastic or metal and is used to dig holes for small plants, bulbs, and annuals, as well as for digging out small-sized weeds.
  • Hand Weeder
    Weeding tools can be just as important as growing tools in the garden, and the hand weeder is a prime example. This forked tool with a rounded bottom is perfect for gaining leverage and removing dandelions and other common weeds in one easy movement.
  • Dibber
    The dibber is a somewhat antique tool that has maintained its popularity for planting in the garden. This cone-shaped tool can be purchased with measurements on the side to ensure the perfect planting depth for every kind of seed. Small gardening dibber tools come in wood, metal, and plastic, so there’s something for every taste and budget.
  • Shovels
    Just as the right growing tools can help you in the garden, having the right shovel for the job can save you time and effort.

    • Digging Shovel
      A digging shovel has a rounded shape with a point at the bottom for breaking the ground. This shovel is ideal for digging large-sized holes for citrus trees and other saplings.
    • Flat-Edge Spade
      When you need to make a neat border for your garden beds or slice your turf, a flat-edge spade will get the job done. The shape and comfort of this kind of spade makes it ideal for cutting roots, scraping soil off a truck bed, and “heeling in” bare-rooted trees. Consider purchasing a flat-edge spade with a rubber foot pad to protect your shoes and reduce fatigue.
  • Pruning Tools
    A pair of light-blue pruning shears on a table next to cut sunflowers.
    If you’ve been gardening for even a short amount of time, it’s likely that you have a pair of pruners among your growing tools that you use for dead-heading the roses and making cuttings of flowering plants. Depending on the width of the stem or trunk that you need to cut, there is a specific pruning tool for every job.
  • Pruners
    You’ll want to have a good pair of pruners in your collection of growing tools for light pruning and harvesting cut flowers. To keep the blades sharp, it’s essential that you keep your pruners clean, oiled, and out of the weather. Bypass pruners are perfect for stems up to a ½ inch in width, and ratchet pruners can cut stems up to ¾ inch in width.
  • Loppers
    Pruners are perfect for small stems, but anything as wide as your finger or larger will need a pair of loppers instead. This tool takes the technology of small gardening tools even further with large blades and two-handed leverage. The strongest loppers feature special gear technology that cuts three times more effectively than standard loppers.
  • Pruning Saw
    Made to fold up into a neat and safe-to-carry package, a pruning saw is a must-have item in your collection of growing tools. This handy, small tool can cut through branches the size of your arm and is easier to get into tight places than a standard bow saw.

Irrigation Tools

Water streaming out of a spray attachment.

Next on our list of growing tools is one that we tend to take for granted — and that is the garden hose with a spray attachment.

  • Hose Options
    A standard hose is the most efficient way to get water from the source to where you want it to go, and a soaker hose can be used for ongoing drip irrigation. Large-scale irrigation systems use a combination of hoses, pipes, and sensors to deliver the right amount of moisture to every part of a commercial property.
  • Spray Attachment
    Many adept gardeners use their thumb to achieve a wide variety of sprays and sprinkles. However, a spray attachment can be useful for watering newly-planted seeds with a very fine mist or creating a pressurized flow for cleaning the mud off your tools and boots.
  • Sprinkler
    Perfect for a large garden, a sprinkler can save you valuable time in watering out-of-the way areas and large lawns. Sprinklers are available with a wide variety of patterns, timers, and other features that make your life a whole lot easier.

Getting it All Around

Finally, where would a gardener be without a trusty wheelbarrow? Once you have all of your growing tools, a wheelbarrow will help you to move them around — along with large piles of mulch, compost, leaves, and harvested produce. Consider a plastic wheelbarrow for soaking roots and a stainless steel wheelbarrow for carrying heavier loads. One- and two-wheel models are available, depending on the load that you’re wanting to carry.

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