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In times gone by, your parents and grandparents knew exactly where to find their customers. Generally, it was at the weekly trip to the Wednesday market or sitting on their porch, waiting for the truck of fresh produce to pass by. Now, with farms covering more acreage and separated from their urban audience, social media is important for business — your customers are waiting for you online!

An Exciting Opportunity for Growers

If you haven’t spent much time on social media, you’ll be amazed at how important social media is for business. Young people these days are curious. They’re fascinated. And they want to be part of the food-growing story. For many millennials and now their children as well, fruit-growing is so removed from their daily experience that it’s either a romantic day-dream of sunshine and oranges or an evil conspiracy to depopulate the earth. As a modern grower, social media farming is the only tool you have to decide which of these perceptions will stick.

When we say that social media is important for business, we literally mean that it’s the only way that this thing can go. Either you shape your customers’ perceptions of the industry or they will shape it for you. In the process, your customers will gain a much clearer picture of what you actually do and how their food is really grown — dispelling myths and promoting dialog. On the other hand, you will also have much greater access to the newest trending eco-friendly techniques thanks to farming social media influencers. Adopting even some of these strategies could turn out to be a huge win for your enterprise and customers!

Watch the Social Media Farming Leaders

As you dive into the unknown and create an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, you’ll instantly be able to access news, innovations, meet-ups, and network with other growers who produce the same crops. You’ll also see the farming social media influencers who are out there — boosting their business to the specific segment of the 1.2 billion Facebook users around the world that are interested in tree-fruit growing.

From the first time you scroll down the page, you’ll have a window into the marketing strategies that really work. Is social media important for business? Your web-savvy competitors know that it is!

Tell A StoryBee pollinating a fruit tree.

As we mentioned earlier, understanding why social media is important for business involves getting to know your target audience. In today’s world, you’re dealing with a generation of consumers that have not experienced life on the orchard. In most cases, they feel a sense of nostalgia for “life on the land” along with a feeling of distrust towards a largely invisible food chain.

What young people need — and truly yearn for — is for you to tell them stories about life on the orchard. They want to feel connected. They want to communicate. And they want to be more actively involved. 

Story-Based Social Media Is Important for Business Success

Whether you post short, snappy “tweets” on Twitter, photos on Instagram, or text together with photos on Facebook, think about how you can tell a story and help your customers feel like they’re part of the process:

“The birds and the bees are getting busy at Almond Farm this week. Click to watch pollination happening live via our live webcam.”

“New-season cherries are now available for U-pick. Book your visit to Cherry Acres now on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp: (111) 123-4567.”

Prunus domestica plums are our favorite for keeping things moving. Come to Jack’s Corner for an interactive workshop on how to turn these delicious plums into prunes, prune juice, prune tea, and more.”

“At Apple Grove, we’re getting excited about our new SweeTango apple harvest. Click on the link for delicious fall apple recipes using SweeTango apples.”

The more frequently you can post — and the more attractive your photos — the higher engagement you’ll have with your audience. In the next section, we’ll look at practical strategies for harnessing social media for farming.

Social Media Is Important for Business: How You Can Make It Work

Young girl sitting between two rows of apple trees.

With so many tasks to do each day, posting every few hours seems like a daunting task at best. Fortunately, there are several ways to integrate social media into your business seamlessly.

  1. First Things First

People need to know where your farm is and how and when you can be contacted. Before you hop onto social media, go ahead and create a Google Business account to get your location on the map. Along with the name of your tree-fruit enterprise, be sure to add any other pertinent information that your customers might need — like contact numbers, opening hours, and reviews from satisfied customers.

  1. Time to Get Social

Once you’re confident that people can find you, create at least one social media account. The most popular social media platform is Facebook, followed by YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. All of these platforms enable you to connect with other industry partners and add or follow people you know. Be sure to make your page attractive with a flattering photo and pics of your fruit. Quality on social media is very important for business. Not sure which pics to post? Look at other farming social media influencers to get some eye-catching photo ideas.

  1. Make a Plan

Social media is important for business, but it takes time — lots of time. If you’re not confident about creating social media farming posts or have too many other things on your mind, outsource this essential role to a savvy family member or experienced social marketing team. To be more efficient and ensure consistency, many businesses create their social media posts monthly and set them to post on a pre-defined schedule. You can still add spontaneous photos, stories, events, and comments as you go.

  1. Reach Your Audience

The world of social media is huge, and you’ll want to make sure that your posts are reaching the people on social media who are the most important for your business. Facebook ads provide the best way to target your audience with a specified radius of miles from your site. To access advertising, you’ll need to create a business account (in addition to your personal page). This is where you’ll publish your scheduled posts, pay for advertising, and create events like open days and workshops.

  1. Build Community
Google homepage.

If you get as far as step four, congratulations — you’re in the game! Now, take your marketing further with any of the following ideas:

  • Create a hashtag that customers can use when posting pics or comments about your farm. This helps to build community.
  • Invite your children or grandchildren to become farming social media influencers on Instagram — modeling orchard fashions, harvest-time selfies, “farm life” photos, and posting fruit-growing videos to YouTube. Social media is important for business, and the coming generations can help you go viral.
  • Build a branded website for your business with blogs and resources that links to your social media accounts.
  • Optimize your site with SEO keywords to help search engines find your website.

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