Nothing beats heading to the farmer’s market and picking up produce with the knowledge that it’s been harvested with the love and effort of a local family. In this age of factory farming and massive corporate buyouts, it’s more important than ever to support your local farmers however you can. Here we’ll go over some easy ways you can help your community turn out great homegrown food for generations to come with the help of Fruit Growers Supply.

Befriend the Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market is a fantastic place to not only pick up some fantastic produce, but a prime way to invest in your local community as well. The farmer’s market is typically comprised of farmers and sellers that call your neck of the woods their home, which encourages sustainable farming and makes for a healthier ecosystem in which to grow their food. There’s no better way to support your local farmers than to spend money at one of their most prominent gathering points!

Shop at Local Markets

Between the big chain grocery stores and the local produce farms of the world, the small local grocer makes for an important link in the chain of the agricultural market. Neighborhood markets frequently chip in a healthier cut of the sale profits to farmers than big box grocery outlets do, and are also more likely to reinvest that money in the local agricultural community. It makes sense that a good way to support your local farmers is to support your local grocery stores as well.

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‘Tis the Season

Making a point to shop for fruits and vegetables that are in season can be a massive help for your local agricultural community. This severely reduces the chances of local crops going to waste in the fall or winter, and big seasonal sales pushes are instrumental in making sure farms have the income to invest in items that aren’t dependent on particular weather patterns or times of the year. New leaps in irrigation have made it easier to support your local farmers no matter the season, but it’s still a great idea to spend money on time-specific crops to help their fields flourish all year round.

Planting the Seeds for Success

Seeds are a big part of how local farms can do what they do—they literally wouldn’t have anything to grow or sell without them! While most of us think of ripe tomatoes or long stalks of corn when we imagine our local produce farms, these same locations make a big portion of their income from the sale of those seeds that make up their bread and butter. Support your local farmers by cultivating a green thumb of your own and cooking up a meal using food from your very own garden!

Leave Good Reviews

We live in a deeply connected world, and even rustic traditions like farming are impacted by word of mouth by way of the web. If you’ve had a fantastic meal with food from a farmer’s market or had a great experience with a local farmer, give them a shoutout on social media! One of the simplest ways to support your local farmers is to simply let them—and their community—know loud and clear when they’ve done a great job.

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Dine Out at Farm to Table Restaurants

“Farm to Table” establishments are all the rage these days, and with good reason—they supply their patrons with delicious food that’s sourced directly from the communities that grow it. If you’ve never eaten at one of these locations, we guarantee there’s nothing like being served an expertly cooked meal made from ingredients harvested for your culinary delight mere hours ago. Eating farm to table is a fantastic way to support your local farmers and get a guaranteed great meal out of it in the process.

Support Farm to School Initiatives

Giving our youngsters the resources and knowhow to grow great food of their own is the surest way to make sure your community has healthy and sustainable crops for generations to come. Your local produce farms wouldn’t exist without a lineage of farmers that pass their knowledge down to their sons and daughters, and organizations like the National Farm to School Network are an incredible way to make sure future families can support your town with nutritious produce in the future. It won’t just help support your local farmers—investing in programs like these helps ensure you’ll be helping all the farmers who’ll be coming down the line to feed you and your community as well.

Fruit Growers Supply Cares About the Community

When you choose to shop with Fruit Growers Supply, you’re not just giving your patronage to a company with great supplies and farming strategies at affordable prices: you’re joining a story that’s been over a century in the making. For over one hundred years, FGS has been dedicated to giving as much as we can back to the farmers and agriculturalists that we wouldn’t even be here without. You can support your local farmers by buying from companies that do the same, and Fruit Growers Supply fits the bill.

If you have questions about what our supplies and services can do for you or your local produce farms, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now. You can’t go wrong with a company that’s affordable, constantly on the cutting edge, and dedicated to sustainable and renewable technology. Make the choice to support your local farmers when you choose to shop with Fruit Growers Supply and join our family today.

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