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The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is an independent, nonprofit organization with a global reach whose mission is to promote sustainable forest management through its certification program. SFI collaborates with a diverse network of forest sector experts, conservation groups,  brand owners, educators, landowners, resource professionals, local communities, Indigenous peoples, universities, and governments to solve local and global sustainability challenges. 

Their goal is to advance SFI forestry standards designed to encourage sustainable practices while protecting the environment, wildlife habitats, and communities. To achieve this, their mission is based on four principles: certification standards, conservation, community collaboration, and education. 

Advancing Sustainable Forestry Through Certification Standards

The first core mission of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative is to ensure sustainable forestry and responsible purchasing of products globally through certification standards and certified products. By engaging and communicating with stakeholders throughout the sustainable forestry supply chain, SFI is able to advance sustainable forest management. Companies that meet the latest SFI certification requirements receive the SFI label, a globally recognized symbol of sustainable forestry. 

To be certified by SFI, forests must meet rigorous requirements that protect water resources, wildlife habitats, soil, and air quality. Forests must also comply with social and labor requirements, which protect the rights of workers and local communities. SFI-certified forests are managed to produce sustainable products that don’t damage the environment while meeting consumer demand for sustainable forestry products. The goal is to grow certification standards globally.

Advancing Effective Environmental Solutions Through Conservation

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative aims to develop credible and effective solutions to the numerous environmental challenges we face today through their SFI standards and innovative leadership initiatives. This is done by ensuring their standards are recognized for positive conservation outcomes and that they advance sustainable forestry practices and help improve overall ecosystem health and sustainability. 

SFI partners are required to continuously generate, measure, and communicate their conservation efforts and outcomes. Part of this includes leveraging SFI’s program scale, extensive data, research expertise, and collaboration to develop environmental solutions while maintaining and recovering biodiversity and species habitat. SFI forestry conservation aims to fulfill the sustainable needs of people, businesses, and society by meeting current demands without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their own sustainable development needs.

Advancing Collaborations Between Local Communities and the SFI Network

Another key mission of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative is to advance collaboration between SFI and local communities. Collaboration is essential for developing a strong foundation of sustainable management strategies on all scales, from the community to regional levels. The sustainable forestry network has grown significantly and plays a key role in increasing mutual understanding of the values and benefits of sustainably managed forests.

These collaborations and efforts help create lasting relationships with Indigenous communities, African Americans, and underserved communities who live in or around forests to advance economic, social, and environmental opportunities. Additionally, through the vast SFI network and programs, local communities are able to get grants, build focus partnerships, and develop a greater understanding of the role of forests, natural habitats, and trees in their everyday lives.

Advancing Environmental Literacy and Careers Through Education

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative also plays a huge role in advancing education efforts. One of their achievements has been developing a sustainable PLT program built on a learning framework that uses forests as a window to the world, delivered through a friendly and practical curriculum and an engaged sustainability-focused network. SFI also works towards growing professional development among educators, loggers, and other influencers. 

These education efforts play a huge role in helping SFI partners and local communities make more informed decisions while taking responsible actions. SFI also provides resources, training, and support to sustainable initiatives worldwide and works with learners across all levels of education, from pre-K to graduate school. This has helped strengthen outdoor opportunities and green/sustainable career pathways for young people.

The Future of Sustainable Forestry

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative is constantly working on new ways to improve its education and certification standards and advance sustainable forestry practices around the globe. In a world where forests are quickly disappearing, the SFI is one of the few organizations truly making a difference for the planet. With growing calls from consumers and businesses for sustainable wood products, the SFI is ready to make a difference.

Woodland path

Climate change is also impacting sustainable forestry practices. As the planet warms, forests are increasingly at risk. SFI has taken steps to address this by developing a climate change strategy that will help mitigate the effects of climate change on forests. Much can be achieved by pushing for the implementation of SFI certification requirements and engaging more people, communities, businesses, and governments.

Fruit Growers Supply Is at the Forefront of SFI Efforts

Fruit Growers Supply specializes in agricultural supplies, commercial irrigation systems, custom corrugated packaging, reliable shipping pallets, and more. Our core business depends on the availability of timber for our products. We source the majority of our timber from our forests along the West Coast of the United States. We abide by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative 2015-2019 Standard in the management of all of our forests. 

In fact, we grow more trees than we cut each year. Our commitment to sustainable forestry practices extends across all of our operations. We also integrate sustainable tree harvesting and reforestation of our forests with the responsible conservation of natural resources and habitats in our region. Learn more about our sustainable products and SFI forestry efforts at Fruit Growers Supply.

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