Irrigating Crops Along the California West Coast

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The smart, sustainable, and responsible use of water in irrigating our crops requires a combination of experience and intuition with advanced engineering and state-of-the-art technology. Irrigation in California and the West Coast is especially challenging, from changes in the environment to changing regulations.

At Fruit Growers Supply Company, we strive to provide our community of growers and suppliers with the best possible information about irrigation through the articles and insights on our blog. Explore our blog to learn more about irrigation, energy, and other resources critical to growing better produce.

Our Irrigation Blog Topics

From innovative ways to overcome the unique irrigation challenges California growers face to the benefits of solar power systems for West Coast growers, you’ll find plenty of information about irrigation in California in our archives.

Some articles related to irrigation include:

About Our Company

Founded in 1907, Fruit Growers Supply Company has gradually expanded our services to meet the needs of produce growers and suppliers throughout the West Coast. While we started outsourcing and manufacturing crates and pallets for produce transportation, we now offer full-service irrigation designs.

Today, our team possesses a deep understanding of modern pump stations, filtration, solid-set sprinklers, linear and center pivot, and drip systems, as well as a Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance Program to help you control repair costs.

Upgrade Your Irrigation

At FGS, we apply our extensive knowledge of irrigation in California to our irrigation consulting and design services. Our team can develop a customized irrigation system for your farm so you can get more out of your land. If you’re interested in learning more about our irrigation services, contact our team today by filling out our online form.

How To Create A Drought-Tolerant Yard

Table of Contents What is Xeriscaping? How to Incorporate Xeriscaping Principles at Home 1. Reconsider How You Water 2. Insulate the Roots from Heat with Mulch 3. Improve Plant Health with Organic Compost 4. Replace Grass with Drought-Tolerant Plants 5. Use Drought-Tolerant Grass Are you wondering how to create a […]

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A water canal to the left of green and brown fields during the daytime.

Water Challenges Facing California Central Valley Farmlands

The world-famous Californian sprawling beaches, skyscrapers and bridges are rare sights in the San Joaquin Valley. Here, extensive farmlands and oil fields indicate the way in which the region contributes significantly to the state’s $2.7 billion economy. However, a six-year California Central Valley drought has left the region with quadrupling […]

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Aerial Photo of Solar Panels on a Farm and Sunset in the Background

Solar Power’s Benefits Increasingly Recognized by California Farmers

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), America’s solar industry continues to expand at a record pace as more and more farmers discover the advantages of a solar irrigation system. California leads the way in solar power, with more than 25 GW of installed capacity. According to the SEIA, […]

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Cropped Image of Skyline With Field and Fan

What Growers Need to Build a Successful Irrigation System

Irrigation systems play an important role in commercial farming for helping crops and plants grow, especially if your farm is in an area that gets little rain, such as California. Effective irrigation technology has helped farmers in California produce an abundance of produce even during droughts. California farmers produced more […]

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A body of water with water being sucked into a round-shaped pump.

Why Water Filtration Is Important for Farmers

When most people think of the importance of water filtration, they tend to imagine systems designed to purify drinking water. Farmers, however, think about how water filtration will affect their crops. The more control farmers have over their inputs, the more control they have over the crops they produce. Water […]

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Tackling Irrigation Challenges for California Growers

As a California grower, you know better than anyone how challenging and taxing your occupation can be — especially when faced with so many unique issues and regulations. Whether you’re aiming to best address challenging restrictions or combat issues surrounding drought using water conservation systems, it’s imperative that you take […]

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An irrigation pipe stretching over a bare field outside during the daytime.

Understanding Evapotranspiration: Key to Smart Irrigation

As a grower, you’ve got a lot on your mind. You rely on your equipment to produce the best crops available in the marketplace. You depend on your staff at harvest time, knowing that they have been well trained and can get the job done on schedule and ahead of […]

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