Irrigating Crops Along the California West Coast

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The smart, sustainable, and responsible use of water in irrigating our crops requires a combination of experience and intuition with advanced engineering and state-of-the-art technology. Irrigation in California and the West Coast is especially challenging, from changes in the environment to changing regulations.

At Fruit Growers Supply Company, we strive to provide our community of growers and suppliers with the best possible information about irrigation through the articles and insights on our blog. Explore our blog to learn more about irrigation, energy, and other resources critical to growing better produce.

Our Irrigation Blog Topics

From innovative ways to overcome the unique irrigation challenges California growers face to the benefits of solar power systems for West Coast growers, you’ll find plenty of information about irrigation in California in our archives.

Some articles related to irrigation include:

About Our Company

Founded in 1907, Fruit Growers Supply Company has gradually expanded our services to meet the needs of produce growers and suppliers throughout the West Coast. While we started outsourcing and manufacturing crates and pallets for produce transportation, we now offer full-service irrigation designs.

Today, our team possesses a deep understanding of modern pump stations, filtration, solid-set sprinklers, linear and center pivot, and drip systems, as well as a Water Treatment Preventative Maintenance Program to help you control repair costs.

Upgrade Your Irrigation

At FGS, we apply our extensive knowledge of irrigation in California to our irrigation consulting and design services. Our team can develop a customized irrigation system for your farm so you can get more out of your land. If you’re interested in learning more about our irrigation services, contact our team today by filling out our online form.

California’s New Water Year Totals

Thanks to the historically wet winter of 2023, officials at the Bureau of Reclamation say California will have plenty of water to go around next year. The Bureau of Reclamation oversees the Central Valley Project, which is the largest source of irrigation water in the state. It stretches across central […]

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California’s State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program

When it comes to growing food, water is everything. That’s why California unveiled its State Water Efficiency & Enhancement Program — also known as SWEEP — nearly a decade ago. The grant program was created to provide financial incentives for agricultural operations to invest in irrigation systems that save water, […]

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Fall Irrigation Maintenance

It might not feel like it, but we’re already approaching the final weeks of summer. Fall is just around the corner, ready to kickstart a new season on September 24th. For growers, the autumn means much more than cool temperatures, shrinking daylight hours, and harvests. It’s also an opportunity to […]

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Summer Irrigation Materials

Irrigation is one of the most important parts of any growing operation. As summertime approaches and temperatures rise, though, it’s more important than ever to make sure your crops receive the proper amount of water. Sam Baldivia, FGS’ irrigation sales manager, has been spending much of the year in the […]

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Irrigation Maintenance

It’s the springtime, which means growers across California are relying heavily on their irrigation systems once again. Irrigation systems require ongoing maintenance, both before and during the growing season. “Think of it as an oil change and tire rotation for your vehicle,” says Sam Baldiva, FGS’ irrigation sales manager. All […]

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A sprinkler-and-hose system irrigation a field of seedlings

Your Complete Checklist To Prepare Your Irrigation System For Fall

What Fall Means For Your Irrigation System Fall means the harvest. While people on the outside may think of fall at the farm in terms of apple picking, hayrides, and other agritourism attractions, those who work in the fruit growing industry know that the fall harvest also means preparing your […]

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Approaches to Help Citrus Bloom Go the Extra Mile

Bloom is the most integral stage of the citrus life cycle. Long before the success of a fruit crop can be ensured, growers must be strategic about the care and protection of flowers in order to ensure a profitable season. Some approaches to facilitating citrus bloom and yield happen long […]

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