Corrugated Cartons

Packaging is a vital step in the agricultural industry determining how produce moves from one location to another. A corrugated box is one of the most widely accepted and broadly used packaging materials in the world. Companies choose corrugated because it is superior and more flexible than other materials.

The right box manufacturer must help to deliver a proper packing box to meet your needs. Any machinery limitations that slow the process down, that create inconsistencies in the graphics or in box strength, or procedures that produce a lot of waste should be taken into consideration.

Here are the benefits of picking the right company for all your corrugated needs:

There can be significant cost-savings in choosing the right corrugated manufacturer. It’s not always the upfront price you should consider. A great manufacturer will work with you to understand the actual products you’re shipping and your shipping requirements. It’s important for them to truly understand the commodity you’re shipping and any nuances that come along with it. Important factors include the shelf life of your produce for ventilation, sunlight effects for proper shading, the product weight to ensure box strength, the number of the commodities that will fit inside that box to ensure proper fit, and how the box will be displayed to the end consumer to select appropriate graphics. They will also work with you to understand any regulatory issues surrounding packing such products. If there are special considerations for the products such as partitioning or cushioning, they should factor it in their design phase.

The lowest price isn’t always the lowest price

As noted above, the right box manufacturer will make the perfect product that suits your specific shipping and display needs. They should always deliver on high quality and consistency at all times without cutting corners.

Selecting a box manufacturer simply because they’ve given you the lowest up-front quote, can lead to major cost nightmares down the line. A reputable manufacturer will be competitive in the marketplace anyways, and will do everything possible to ensure your box is consistently reliable, and looking it’s best to sell your product throughout each and every box — regardless of how large the quantity. They will ensure there is very little waste in their processes to give you the best value for the price. Sometimes the manufacturer with the lowest quote, appealing as it may be, chooses low-quality paper suppliers for your boxes leading to trouble with the strength and durability of your product packaging over an extended production. This can lead to lost or damaged product during transit, and poor display qualities in front of your end consumers.

Your products need proper protection

Safety is an essential aspect of any packing especially when it comes to perishable produce and other fragile items. The design of the boxes, the materials used, and the execution will all play a role to help determine if the goods will be kept safe during transit.

Good companies will take the time to explain various aspects of quality control to you and won’t shy away from the topic when asked. They should focus on the consistency of their product and ensure their processes are nearly error proof.

Also, be sure to check their reviews. A company that has complaints about the quality of the fiberboards is a major red flag. There is a lot of quality testing required for different packaging. It may take several designs to come up with the ideal box for your situation but more often than not an experienced company will already know what will work best as they’ll have produced packaging for your product with success in the past.

Sustainability efforts

Fruit Growers Supply - Sustainable Paper Sourcing
Sustainable Paper Sourcing

Today’s most responsible companies have a set of principles and standards that include environmental responsibility considerations. Reputable corrugated manufacturers should be sourcing the paper they use from sustainable paper companies and environmentally conscious vendors for the other materials like glue. They want to help the environment by reducing paper waste, properly recycling waste, choosing non-toxic chemicals whenever possible, and selecting top paper companies that support reforestation efforts.

Substandard boxes can pose a major export risk

Many countries have their own rules about how each package should be wrapped. Middle East markets, European Union markets, Asian markets, and others have set regulatory practices that companies must follow. Attempting to make exports in packages that are not consistent with their standards could have expensive repercussions. For example, in the European Union markets, apart from specifying the grading system of the product, they define labeling procedures for the box manufacturer and the owner of the shipped product. You cannot afford to miss any of the specifications.

Experienced box manufacturers understand the sensitivity of export markets. They also know how vital export market are to your business. They don’t just make boxes for the quick sale, they should actually advise you on the best practices to help your company’s longevity. They should help you comply with, not avoid technical requirements. This becomes especially important in this era of global trade where logistical support is usually welcome.

Consistent boxes utilize space efficiently

What happens if, through outdated machinery or bad manufacturing practices, the manufacturer’s machines incidentally reduce your boxes size by half an inch via cutting error? To some it may not seem like a big deal, but even as little as 1000 units translate to 500 inches of lost space. Or at the very least a seriously challenging new box packing situation.

Logistics demand a careful balance that boils down to one word: efficiency. You want optimal performance at this level especially when you are dealing with mass production. The unexpected costs can be excessively high if you are not accurate with quality control.

If a box does not meet the specifications, attempting to stack it can bring distortions that can affect how products fit snuggly into containers. If a package is supposed to be firm, it should not end up swinging back and forth because it will increase the number of hazards.

How do you select the right corrugated manufacturer?

  • Pay attention to the details when discussing your box needs
  • Focus on processes and ensure high-end machinery inside their box plant
  • Look for experience and reputation among their support staff
  • Ask for recommendations from their current top customers
  • Insist on quality and consistency

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