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Choosing fresh produce packaging is critical to ensuring that your fruits and vegetables arrive fresh and still whole. But deciding which packaging suits your needs can be a difficult decision to make. You have to consider the freshness of your product, how it will arrive at its destination, and what you want the customer to actually see when they open their package. 

There are many packaging options that you can choose from, including foam tray inserts, cardboard boxes with clamshells, or corrugated cartons for display, but there are also other considerations besides just these factors. How do you know which fresh produce packaging is best for your needs? Here are some tips on finding the perfect produce shipping solutions.

Consider the Environment Where the Produce Will Be Stored

First, consider the environment where your fresh produce will be stored. If you have a cooler, then you will need packaging that can keep the produce cold. Various packaging options, such as plastic bags and boxes with insulation, can do this. If you’re a fruit and vegetable supplier, then you will want to consider how your fresh produce will move from your farm to distributors and stores.

You might need to use bulk packaging that can hold a large quantity of produce, or you could choose fresh produce packaging that’s easy to stack and transport, such as food-grade pallets or crates. Pallets are the standard way to ship and store fresh produce, and they can hold a lot of weight and be kept in a variety of environments without damaging the fresh produce. You could also consider reusable bulk packaging for your storage needs, such as food-grade totes or baskets. 

Note: If you’re shipping delicate fruits or vegetables, you need packaging that offers more protection from bumps and bruises before moving your produce in wooden pallets.

Select Durable Packaging That Extends Shelf Life and Reduces Waste

By choosing durable packaging for shipping produce, you can extend freshness and reduce waste. For example, flexible pouches are an excellent choice because they provide superior protection over conventional cardboard containers without taking up more space in trucks or warehouses. Flexible pouches can be filled with fresh fruits and vegetables at the source, minimizing shipping weight while maximizing freshness. 

In addition to extending the shelf life of produce, flexible fresh produce packaging also reduces waste by allowing companies to reduce packing density through vertical form fill seal technology. This is because it allows for an easy opening on one end, so there is no need to cut the top off, resulting in less product damage. Corrugated boxes are another durable choice for shipping fresh fruits and vegetables.

Consider Product Containment for Handling and Distribution Convenience

Product containment plays a critical role in ensuring fresh produce is shipped in convenient units for handling and distribution. When fresh produce is shipped in bulk, it can be challenging to store and prepare for sale. To ensure freshness of the produce packaging contents after shipping, sometimes this means that a retailer needs to repackage products before selling them on-site, which increases operational costs. 

Containers designed with multiple compartments allow you to carry fresh produce while preventing damage. When produce is packaged in this way, it can be easily prepared for sale without the need for repackaging. Proper containment also helps fresh produce stay hydrated and look presentable to the customer. Ensure that your fresh produce fits well inside the chosen packaging, with little wasted space. 

Choose Easy-to-Open Packaging That Doesn’t Require a Lot of Preparation

The best fresh produce packaging should be easy to open without requiring lots of prep work. For example, bags that can be opened with a simple pull of the drawstring are ideal, as they’re quick and easy to access. Similarly, packaging that can be easily torn away or peeled off is also convenient. If you’re shipping fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, make sure the packaging is designed in a way that ensures easy access while preventing any damage during shipping.

Consumers are often turned off by packaging that requires them to do too much work. The best packaging should be able to open quickly and easily without requiring any tools or other alterations on behalf of the consumer. Even when supplying bulk produce that needs to be repackaged by distributors, it’s critical to consider the ease of use and convenience for your customers.

Consider the Branding and Sales Appeal of the Packaging

Whether you’re a fresh produce distributor or a solo entrepreneur, you want your fresh produce packaging to look good. The more appealing the packaging is, the more likely consumers are going to be drawn in by it and decide they’ll buy some of what’s inside. When considering fresh fruit or vegetable packing supplies for sale online, consider how the packaging will look alongside your brand identity.

Additionally, think about what sales appeal the packaging for shipping produce might have. If you’re selling fresh produce at a farmers market or roadside stand, for example, using a basket as your container could be the perfect way to catch attention and entice customers. On the other hand, if you’re shipping fresh fruit and vegetables to grocery stores or other retailers, you’ll likely need a more sturdy container with a visually appealing design and branding. 

Make Sure the Packaging Is Recyclable or Compostable

The best fresh produce packaging should also be recyclable or compostable for environmental benefits and cost savings over multiple uses of the package. With fresh produce consumers and producers focusing more on sustainability efforts across the supply chains, packaging that can be recycled or composted is becoming more common.

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Sustainable fresh produce shipping also means reduced waste in landfills and oceans, which is why it’s vital to ensure the packaging you choose meets your needs while also being recyclable. Every effort counts when it comes to embracing green and sustainable packaging options such as pints, clamshells, corrugated cartons, and trays for fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Compare Prices and Find the Best Deal

When it comes to buying the best fresh produce packaging, you need to compare prices and find the best deal available for your needs. Remember that you’ll need quality and food-grade packaging to keep fresh produce fresh and prevent contamination. At Fruit Growers Supply, we provide bulk packaging solutions for fruit growers, including corrugated cartons and pallets for fresh produce shipping. 

Since fresh fruit is perishable, the packaging you choose will need to be durable and strong enough for handling while it’s in transit. Our cartons are made out of corrugated fiberboard with an inner lining that protects your fresh fruits from getting crushed or bruised during shipment. Our fresh fruit cartons are made of FDA-approved and BPA-free materials to keep fresh produce at peak quality.

Order custom, high-quality boxes at competitive rates now for your fresh produce packaging needs. Want to learn more about other packaging solutions for shipping produce? Contact us to speak with a representative.

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