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Three gardening tools hanging on hooks on a brick wall.

Little Growing Tools That Improve Your Gardening In A Big Way

Gardening can be a very rewarding hobby — it gets you out enjoying the sunshine, exercise, friendship, and relaxation, and comes with a prize of handpicked produce and flowers for the table. Having the right growing tools can make all the difference between pure frustration and gardening with ease. Read […]

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A group of ripe green Hass avocados hanging from a tree.

Our Guide: How to Capitalize On The Avocado Craze

Once upon a time, the Mesoamerican avocado (from Nahuatl āhuacatl) was an exotic treat, with few people in North America being acquainted with the creamy, pear-shaped fruit. Today, avocado has become a delicious and nutrient-dense staple in the American diet. Due to the tropical origins of avocado and its need […]

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Hand picking sprouts in container

How New Technology Can Help Sustainable Growing

If you’ve spent any time patronizing Fruit Growers Supply Co., or ever taken a look at some of our other blog posts, you already know that we’re big on sustainability. While carbon emissions and other environmental problems might grow by the day, there are also lots of ways to make […]

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Man in wheat field holding drone

Using Drones on Your Farm

Drones aren’t just for the battlefield anymore: you’ve probably seen them whizzing around the park or outside a friend’s backyard, and they’re becoming an increasingly popular option for taking care of everyday farming tasks as well. But what exactly is drone farming good for anyway, and what are some of […]

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A thumb touching an iPhone against a background of plants

Best Apps For Growers & Farmers

“Precision agriculture” is a term that is being used a lot in the growing industry recently and reflects the desire to become efficient and strategic rather than use a hit-and-miss approach. One way that growers are optimizing their workflow and making their site visits much more efficient is by using […]

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A productive green field in the mountains

To Till Or Not To Till? No Tilling Tactics For Soil Health

Tilling and plowing is nothing new. In fact, plowing with oxen dates back to at least 3000 B.C.E. However, this ancient technique has also been a major contributor to topsoil erosion, moisture loss, and the impoverishment of soil life and soil structure in general. If geomorphologist and author David Montgomery […]

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Delicious Mixed Berries

What Exactly Makes Fruit And Vegetables Organic?

Customer demand for clean, organic produce is growing, along with an awareness of the health and environmental effects of synthetic chemicals in the supply chain. In the U.S., the United States Department of Agriculture has standards and regulations that determine what makes fruit and other produce “organic.” Knowing about the […]

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