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Woman holding soil with seedling

The Importance of Native Planting

If you ever stop to marvel at our great state’s flora, you’re definitely not alone. Thanks to California’s uniquely wonderful climate, we have many indigenous plants that form a vital part of our state’s ecosystem. But even though we have no shortage of native plants, that doesn’t mean they don’t […]

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Variety of vegetables on display

The Ultimate California Seasonal Produce Guide

California is such a bountiful hotspot for fruits and vegetables of all kinds that sometimes it’s hard to remember what kinds of produce you can get your hands on and when. Thankfully, you have some tools to help you out: California seasonal produce tends to come out on a pretty […]

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Tomato bowl

How to Apply Pesticide for a Good Harvest

Pesticides aren’t the most pleasant part of life on the farm, but they’re an important part of making sure your crops stay protected against the ravages of vermin and the changing seasons. With the right knowhow and equipment, pesticides can be used to extend the life of your harvest without […]

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Silhouette man tractor

Ways to Support Your Local Farmers

Nothing beats heading to the farmer’s market and picking up produce with the knowledge that it’s been harvested with the love and effort of a local family. In this age of factory farming and massive corporate buyouts, it’s more important than ever to support your local farmers however you can. […]

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Napa Valley wine bottles on a shelf.

California’s Biggest Fruit Exports

California is known as the “salad bowl” of the United States — and for good reason. The Golden State produces over half of the nation’s fruits and vegetables, with one-third of America’s produce coming from the Central Valley alone. Despite ongoing water shortages, growers in California can still take advantage […]

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The pathway between two rows of grapevines in Healdsburg, California.

Top 10 Agricultural Commodities In California

The warm climate of California and rich soils makes many parts of the state ideal for the cultivation of Mediterranean crops, citrus, and exotic fruits hailing from tropical parts of the world. If you’re thinking of growing crops in California, it can help to know which fruits, nuts, and other […]

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Agricultural fields next to an area of lush jungle

Most Efficient Irrigation Systems

With climate change and reduced water availability affecting growers across California, an efficient irrigation system is essential to the success of your farming endeavor. Read on to learn more about things to consider when deciding how to design the most efficient irrigation method for your farm. Characteristics of an Efficient […]

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