Why Citrus Growers Need the New, Google-Powered RTS Sunsort AI

Sorting for citrus quality — and saving your operation precious time and overhead — has never been more sleek, sophisticated, or effective, all thanks to the Google-powered RTS Sunsort AI. This new machine runs on the latest imaging and Artificial Intelligence technology offered by Google’s advanced software. It also features […]

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Which Post-Harvest Wax Coatings Are the Best for Food Safety?

Produce wax coatings have revolutionized the freshness and availability of food worldwide, transforming post-harvest handling of fruits and vegetables on many different levels. Food waxes have helped reduce food waste and expand food availability to the masses; they’ve also improved the shelf-life, food safety (by killing pathogens), appearance, and sometimes […]

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Oranges growing on a citrus tree.

Why Degreening Rooms Are a Must-Have For Your Operation

In the agricultural business, growers and packers don’t often want to “accelerate” the rate of their product ripening. After all, this process can lead to oxidation, spoil, and loss. For citrus growers and packers, however, encouraging and controlling the ripening of your fruit is essential and can provide a leading […]

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Best Food Grade Wax Options for Postharvest

Keeping produce fresh and eye-catching is essential for a high-yielding agricultural business. One of the best low-cost, food safe options in the industry are food grade wax for postharvest: edible coatings that protect fruits and vegetables from moisture and spoiling. This also gives your product a glossy and appetizing shine. […]

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