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At Fruit Growers Supply Company, we strive to provide the agriculture community with products and services they need to maximize the quality, volume, and value of their product. We also aim to be an educational resource from everything to edible fruit wax and postharvest solutions to sustainable farming practices, irrigation techniques, and marketing tips.
As a leading provider of locally sourced and fully traceable fruit wax and state-of-the-art application machinery necessary to keep postharvest protection costs under control, we know a thing or two about meeting and exceeding safety standards, protecting and preserving fruit, and making it shine when it gets to market.
We’ve poured our team’s knowledge in this area into our fruit wax blog archives. Read our blog to learn more about this critical process in the supply chain.
Our Wax Blog Topics
From integrating your edible fruit wax process with the rest of your growing, transport, and marketing efforts to understanding why wax is so important to selling your product, you’ll find insights and takeaways in our archives.
A few of our featured pieces include:

Why Fruit Wax is so Important When Selling Your Fruit
Integrated Solutions for Packing & Shipping Product

About Fruit Growers Supply Company
FGS started out in 1907 with humble beginnings, as the agriculture cooperative for Sunkist Growers, supplying quality materials for crates and pallets. As the industry evolved, so did our business, incorporating new techniques and the latest technologies to meet the demands of the modern grower.
Today, we lead the way in the innovation of postharvest solutions. Our edible fruit wax is manufactured locally to ensure consistency and freshness. We test every batch to guarantee quality, and all of our wax products are completely traceable for quality assurance and safety purposes. Currently serving over 38 packinghouses in California alone, we provide wax for more than 34-million produce cartons annually. If you’re a packer looking for quality fruit wax or other postharvest solutions, look no further than Fruit Growers Supply.
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If you’re a grower seeking better, more reliable packing services, look no further than FGS. Explore our blog to learn more about what we offer and how we do things differently, then reach out to us by filling out our online form today.

Best Food Grade Wax Options for Postharvest

Keeping produce fresh and eye-catching is essential for a high-yielding agricultural business. One of the best low-cost, food safe options in the industry are food grade wax for postharvest: edible coatings that protect fruits and vegetables from moisture and spoiling. This also gives your product a glossy and appetizing shine. […]

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How Wax on Produce Prevents Food Waste

There’s no better way to make sure produce looks good and stays safe for consumption than by adding a layer of protective fruit wax to it before sending it to market. But what exactly is it, and what specifically makes putting wax on produce such a good idea for growers, […]

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Why Fruit Wax is so Important When Selling Your Fruit

According to scientists undertaking research in the topic of edible coatings, “the use of invisible, colorless, odorless, tasteless coatings” are considered one of the most important advances in today’s agricultural industry as it is used to keep foods fresh, safe and tasty for extended periods of time. This is no […]

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